Anime Unleashed

Anime Unleashed

infobox television
show_name = Anime Unleashed

caption =
format = Anime
runtime = 21-22 minutes
(30 minutes w/commercials)
creator =
starring =
country = USA
network = TechTV
(Now on G4TV)
first_aired = December 30, 2002
last_aired = March 16, 2006
num_episodes = Unknown

"Anime Unleashed" was an anime block that was broadcast on the American cable TV network, G4. The block was placed on the original TechTV in early 2003 and moved to G4techTV after the two networks merged. Titles airing on the block almost exclusively came from domestic anime distributors ADV Films, Bandai and Geneon (formerly Pioneer Animation).


Anime Unleashed was first announced by The Screen Savers host Leo Laporte in late 2002. TechTV's vision was to air a wave of anime series that dealt with technology, futuristic themes, and science fiction. Its premier date was December 30, 2002. [ [ Tech TV Anime Unleashed Schedule - Anime News Network ] ]

Current status

As of March 16th, 2006, Anime Unleashed has been taken off the G4 schedule. The current status of the show is in question as no information has come out on whether it has been canceled or is going to return on the network.

In a commercial aired on G4, promoting the network newest additions and changes in late March and April 2006, they contained both a clip of anime and a quick flash of the Anime Unleashed logo, the logo being more visible when watched frame by frame. Both may be a possible sign of the show's return. Fact|date=February 2007

In addition, it was announced in April 2006, by one of the shows producers (who post under the name Teggy on the G4 message board), that there would be an upcoming statement about the current status of the show. Fact|date=February 2007

As of 06JUL2008, there's still no sign of Anime Unleashed . . .

Episodes of Anime Unleashed can be seen on G4's online media player "The Pile" [] .


* ""
**Current Status: Movie. Ended, returning series.
* "Banner of the Stars"
**Current Status: Ended, cancellation not confirmed.
* "Betterman"
**Current Status: Ended and Cancelled.
* "Boogiepop Phantom"
**Current Status: Ended and Cancelled.
* "Colorful"
**Current Status: Began on December 2, 2005 on Barbed Wire Biscuit.
* "Crest of the Stars"
**Current Status: Ended and Cancelled.
* "Cromartie High School"
**Current Status: Began on December 16, 2005 on Barbed Wire Biscuit.
* "Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure"
**Current Status: Ended, cancellation not confirmed.
* "Gad Guard"
**Current Status: Ended, returning series.
* "Gatekeepers 21"
**Current Status: Ended, cancellation not confirmed.
* "Geneshaft"
**Current Status: Ended and Cancelled.
* "Gungrave"
**Current Status: Ended, returning series.
* "Last Exile"
**Current Status: Ended, cancellation not confirmed.
* "Magical☆Shopping Arcade Abenobashi"
**Current Status: Ended, returning series.
* "RahXephon"
**Current Status: Began on September 3, 2005, on Barbed Wire Biscuit. First run complete, re-runs interrupted.
* "R.O.D. the TV" ("Read or Die the TV")
**Current Status: Ended, returning series.
* "Serial Experiments Lain"
**Current Status: Ended and Cancelled.
* "Silent Möbius"
**Current Status: Ended, cancellation not confirmed.
* "SoulTaker"
**Current Status: Ended and Cancelled.

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