GIFT (Gnu)

GIFT (Gnu)

GIFT, the GNU Image Finding Tool, is a Content Based Image Retrieval System (CBIRS). The GIFT is based on [ Viper] , the result of a research effort at the Vision Group at the computer science center of the University of Geneva. This cutting-edge research has been the subject of several publications and conference talks.

You can do Query By Example on images, giving you the opportunity to improve query results by relevance feedback. The program relies entirely on the content of the images to process queries, so you needn't annotate images before querying the collection.

It comes with a tool which lets you index whole directory trees containing images in one go. You then can use the GIFT server and its client, SnakeCharmer, to browse your image collections.

The current version of the GIFT can be seen in action at the [ Viper demo page]

The GIFT framework

The GIFT is an open framework for content-based image retrieval. It is designed to accommodate new ways of querying the framework. The protocol for client-server communication, [ MRML] , is XML based and fully documented. This aims to promote code reuse among researchers and application developers. Inquiries about APIs and how to integrate new clients/servers into the framework are welcome (send questions to the [ mailing list] or the maintainer, [ Wolfgang Mueller] ).


This article was based on information on the [ GNU GIFT home page]

External links

* [ GNU GIFT home page]
* [ GNU GIFT mailing list]
* [ GIFT FTP downloads]
* [ Viper home page]
* [ MRML home page]
* [ University of Geneva Vision Group]
* [ EyeVisionBot] - An interface for eye-tracking based image search using the GIFT


* [ Viper demo page]
* [ GIFT demo at Monash University]

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