Resistance (V TV series)

Resistance (V TV series)

This is a list of the known members of the Resistance, a fictional worldwide movement comprised of a large number of groups dedicated to fighting the Visitors in the Science Fiction television series V.

The Atkins

Ellen Baker is the younger sister of Tony Baker and lived in Alassan Valley. During the Second Invasion one year after Liberation Day, the Visitors rounded up and captured Ellen and Tony's parents, leaving them orphaned. Tony then led 4 other kids, including Ellen, into Widows Canyon, where they organized as the "Wildcats", a rogue Resistance group that did whatever it took to survive. Though they maintain their anti-Visitor views, most of the official Resistance groups regarded them as untrustworthy.

When a diphtheria outbreak started sweeping through the region, LA Resistance members Kyle Bates, Visitor Willie, Julie Parrish and Elizabeth Maxwell came to the region to offer medical support, but lacked a crucial medicine to treat those affected. Desperate to get aid for an attack on a Visitor medical storehouse where a large stash of the medicine was located, the Resistance gained the reluctant assistance from the Wildcats and Ellen struck up a bond with Willie, but was later repulsed when he learned of his true nature. When faced with the possibility of a traitor in their ranks when the medicine was switched for a fake before the raid, Ellen was confronted by Willie over who he was and she was initially devastated, but made up with him after Andy was discovered to be the mole.

Ellen, the group, and the Resistance group journeyed to a local airfield, where Mike Donovan had another supply of the medicine from Los Angeles and was flying in now. However, Andy told Lieutenant James of the rendezvous shortly before his capture and the gang was forced to fight the Visitors. But just as the group was about to be overwhelmed by an armed Visitor convoy. Andy, who had escaped custody and realized how large a mistake he made and came to help, then crashed his car into the convoy, destroying it completely and killing himself in the process. Ellen promised to stay in touch with Willie, who she had come to love.
Kyle Bates is a professional motorbike racer who drifted through life and the only son of Nathan Bates. Kyle and his father hadn't spoken since the First Invasion; when Kyle was expelled from Stanford University. Kyle spent his time mostly racing his bikes in Arizona and Nevada.

When the Second Invasion began one year after Liberation Day, Kyle was caught behind the new Visitor front lines and, having shown a hostile attitude towards the Visitor Army, was detained and sent to one of their newly-constructed internment camps. He was freed by Mike Donovan and Ham Tyler and decided aiding the Resistance "wouldn't be so bad", especially when he met and fell in love with Elizabeth "Starchild" Maxwell. He began to be a more active supporter to the cause and this brought him into increasing conflict with his father. Kyle actively joined the Resistance when he assisted Ham in stealing explosives from a Science Frontiers-controlled munitions warehouse, which was filled with confiscated Resistance weapons. Kyle injured a security guard before being captured. This act effectively ended any relationship between him and his father. After escaping custody with Elizabeth's help, Kyle joined the Resistance full-time.

Kyle eventually reconciled with Nathan, but shortly after this reunion, Nathan was killed by Mr. Chiang (who Kyle killed in turn). Kyle became Ham's protege (earning the nickname "Ace") to hone his skills as a freedom fighter without personal restraint. After Ham left, Kyle took greater risks to himself to save lives and complete Resistance missions across the United States. All the while his relationship with Elizabeth grew.

In the (unaired) series finale, Kyle and Elizabeth both survived an assassination attempt by Diana on the Leader and they narrowly escaped back to Earth. Kyle and the rest of the Resistance is currently hunting for the "Anyx", an artifact that can defeat the Visitors amidst the destruction the Visitors wrought upon the world during the temporary Armistice, which the Visitors used to crush the majority of the Resistance.

The Bernsteins

Stanley Bernstein is the son of Abraham, husband of Lynn, and father of Daniel. When the Visitors came to Earth, he initially calmed his family; saying they came in peace and everything would be fine. However he grew more supportive of the Resistance when limitations were imposed on communications, travel and media coverage and reluctantly agreed to shelter the hiding Maxwell family. He also began suspecting Daniel of being dangerous to the family, which was later proven correct, as he and Lynn were captured and his father killed when the Daniel tipped of the Visitors about the location of the Maxwells.

Stanley was tortured on the Mothership by Diana, but he and Lynn were freed by Mike Donovan and returned to their home. They then agreed to shelter additional families in hiding, as the Visitors would never suspect Resistance members hiding in a place they've already raided. He and Lynn kept a low profile, but both came out of hiding to celebrate the new Liberation Day when the Red Dust was spread all over the world, rendering it toxic to the Visitors. Stanley and Lynn then took Polly and Katie Maxwell into their care at Robert Maxwell's urging shortly after the war, as he couldn't cope on his own.

Maggie Blodgett

Dean Boddicker is the brother of Sandy and Barry and together owned a surfing-supply shop. He and his siblings were members of the Resistance during the Second Invasion one year after Liberation Day. He and Barry assisted Mike Donovan and Julie Parrish to sabotage a new Visitor invention called the Encapsulator, and saved his captured sister Sandy and helped many prisoners escape the facility before it exploded.
George Caniff was the owner of "Caniff Printing", a widely-popular and respected newspaper shop in Los Angeles and lived with his wife and son Nicky in the shop and was friends to many, including Robin Maxwell. During the Second Invasion one year after Liberation Day, he and his family were Resistance members and operated an underground newspaper to all those who sought the truth, with John Langley as his best journalist. When Science Frontiers security personnel stormed the building, his family was able to escape, but he, Robin and 5 others were taken hostage. George and the others were saved from execution by a timely rescue by fellow Resistance members Mike Donovan, Ham Tyler, Kyle Bates, Julie Parrish, Elizabeth Maxwell and Visitor Willie. After being reunited with his family, George was then able to get out of the city.
Shelly Connell is a member of the Resistance and a friend to Isaac during the Second Invasion one year after Liberation Day. She and Isaac were stranded behind Visitor lines and imprisoned in one of their new internment camps. Isaac told fellow inmate Robin Maxwell that Shelly was taken out by the guards one night and hasn't been seen since. She is presumed deceased. Her death eventually drove Isaac to commit suicide.

Kipper Cordisco

Jessie Courtney is the daughter of Dave and Kathy Courtney and a farmer who lived in a farming community near Tucson. During the Second Invasion, she and her mother joined the Resistance after Dave was killed by the Visitors when they came to the community and helped Sheriff Roland take over the local area. Inspired by the legendary Mike Donovan, she helped turn back a Visitor attack squad led by Lieutenant James and single-handedly disabled a Visitor Shuttle's weapons with her rifle (a move her father taught her). When Mike left, she made him promise to come back when the war ended, as she came to see him a the father-figure she needed. She now works with her mother and Joe to unite their fellow ranchers and prepare for the Visitor's eventual return to their region.
Joanne Davis is the wife of Alan and mother Johnny and expecting a baby girl. During the Second Invasion, she and her family joined the Resistance. Joanne went into labor during the Los Angeles blitz, but with timely assistance by Mike Donovan and Kyle Bates was she and her family able to escape and gave birth to her daughter; Victoria, in safety.
Michael "Mike" Donovan was a news cameraman who was partnered with Tony Wah Chong Leonetti and went around the globe documenting stories for airing on the news, he is also son of Eleanor Dupres, ex-husband of Marjorie Donovan and father of Sean. Mike first witnessed a Visitor Mothership arriving while in El Salvador (where he learns the basic rules of being a freedom fighter from local rebels), and he and Tony were representatives of the news group for the first tour aboard the Los Angeles Mothership. Mike initially thought the Visitors were friendly, but when Tony pointed out suspicious activity among high-ranking scientists (at a time scientists were becoming increasingly ostracized), Mike and Tony attempted to sneak aboard the LA Mothership to discover the truth, but Mike and Tony were ambushed on the landing platform and Tony and he were separated.

Lieutenant Martin, a Visitor Mike had befriended and was really leader of the Fifth Column; a Visitor movement dedicated to bring peace to their people, freed Mike and revealed Tony had been experimented to death by Diana. Martin then helped Mike, Robin Maxwell and Sancho Gomez escape in a shuttle back to Earth, and also revealed why the Visitors had come to their world; the Visitors plan to steal the population of Earth for food and the entire worlds water supply as their own world was dying.

Upon arrival, Mike joined the Resistance; led by Julie Parrish, to stop the Visitors plans. Mike led the Resistance (using methods he learned in El Salvador) to victory time and again, and struck up a romantic relationship with Julie and crude friendship with a gruff and experienced Resistance member named Ham Tyler (who gave him the nickname "Gooder", which was short for "Do-gooder" as he constantly did things to help others despite risks to his life). When the time came to decide whether or not to use the newly-created Red Dust on the Visitors, Mike vouched for it and was supported by Elias Taylor and several other key members of the Resistance leadership.

He and Martin, who had now mobilized his movement to openly help the Resistance, led the attack on the LA Mothership and stopped the self-destruct intended to destroy the Earth. He then took the ship, now under Resistance control, back to Earth victorious.

One year after Liberation Day, Mike has returned to his job as a cameraman, this time with Martin as his sound operator and is poised to become a full-time anchorman, but his relationship with Julie has ended. However, he now has a world-wide reputation of a freedom fighter and "Hero of the Resistance", and has even gained the grudging respect of the Visitors themselves. When Diana is supposedly "assassinated" by agents of Ham Tyler. Mike and Martin pursue her and corner her at Tyler's hideout. Martin then knocks Mike out and attempts to kill Diana himself. Martin fails and warns Mike (now conscious) of Diana's plan to re-invade the Earth before dying in his arms. Mike joins up with Tyler to hunt down and kill Diana, but fail to stop her from escaping the planet and returning to the Visitor fleet. Donovan catches up with Diana at the southwest tracking station, noticing that Diana is already calling the second orbital fleet he plans to keep Diana Earth-bound long enough for the Red Dust to take effect.Mike yells and says that she doesn't have much time, Diana notices her timer is nearly ran out bailing out of a short gunfight, Diana heads for the rooftop, however Donovan beats her there and she fires a shot planning to kill him. seeing the Visitor shuttle arriving Mike realizes he doesn't have much time. seeing Diana making a run for it he yells then Diana turns around Mike fires several shots hitting Diana in the chest and twice in the back before she leaves. once inside Diana pulls a bullet shell fragment from her uniform saying "What a primitive planet.

During the Second Invasion, Mike and Tyler join up with Resistance; now reunited by Julie Parrish and resumed to wage war against the Visitors across the United States, Mike also becomes more independent when Tyler leaves for Chicago and forms the "bond of friendship" with Philip, Martin's twin brother and new leader of the Fifth Column. Mike became the primary leader of many Resistance cells, going across the world to fight the Visitor armies, becoming a symbol of hope to the human race and even gaining the grudging respect of the Visitors themselves, who made him into the Most Wanted Man on Earth.

In the (unaired) series finale, Mike and the rest of his Resistance group narrowly escape the Los Angeles Mothership, although Julie is vaporized, and narrowly escape back to Earth, where they are reunited with Ham Tyler. Mike and the rest of the group are now hunting for an artifact called the "Anyx" to use against the Visitors amidst the devastation wrought by the Visitors during the temporary Armistice, which the Visitors took advantage of to crush the majority of the Resistance.

Andrew Doyle

Ruby Engels was a small-time actress who lived in Germany with her husband. They eventually moved to America, where Ruby had to adapt to the color barrier, and lack of work in acting. Many years later, Ruby is now retired from acting, a widow, and neighbor to the Bernstein family. She has struck up a friendship with Abraham, the eldest member of the family, and helps him cope with his memories of the Nazi Holocaust.

When the First Invasion began, she attempted to comfort Abraham's growing fears about the Visitors, but in the end becomes afraid of them herself. After Abraham willingly went to his death at the Visitor's hands, she dedicates herself to fighting the Visitors, first by destroying a Visitor Shuttle in Abraham's memory with a petrol bomb, and then acting as a spy for the L.A. Resistance Cell at the Visitor Embassy by using her old acting tricks to disguise her true identity by posing as a cleaning lady. She befriends many amongst the group, especially Julie Parrish (who she helps gain the confidence to lead the group) and even the gruff Ham Tyler (who feels comfortable around her to the point of talking to her about his tragic past). Ruby became crucial to several key Resistance operations, such as John's unmasking and told her friends that the thrill she experienced from spying is like the big-time acting career she never had.

Ruby became the central part of a Resistance plan to rescue Julie from the Embassy. The rescue was successful, but Ruby is exposed by her old neighbor, Daniel Bernstein, as a Resistance spy who shoots and kills her as she attempts to leave the Embassy. Ruby's body is recovered and given a proper funeral; with her tombstone marked "Our Beloved Ruby"."

Chris Farber

Sancho Gomez is a gardener in the employ of the Maxwells, Dupres, Bernsteins and several other neighborhood families at the time of the First Invasion. Though he regretfully stops working for the Maxwells as his other clients know of their scientist status, he helps them escape through the Visitor security checkpoints, however, Eleanor Dupres hears Katie Maxwell crying in his truck and alerts the Visitors to Sancho's location, who arrest him after discovering evidence of him smuggling the family away. He is brutalized while in custody but is rescued by Mike Donovan and they, along with a now-captive Robin Maxwell, escape in a Visitor Skyfighter. During the chase by pursuing fighters, he shoots down the fighters and joins the Resistance upon reaching safety. Sancho is part of the discussion of whether to use the Red Dust to force the Visitors to leave Earth and part of the attack team on the Visitor Mothership orbiting Los Angeles, and helped secure the ship for the Resistance and return it to Earth under their control. He stated that his grandfather fought with Zapata during the Mexican Revolution of the early 1900s.

Bill Graham

Dean Harris is a newsman at KDHB and an old friend of Mike Donovan. During the Second Invasion one year after Liberation Day, Dean remained at his post in Los Angeles, but has sympathies towards the Resistance and kept in contact with Mike. Mike later asked Dean to hack into Visitor Commander Charles's world-wide television broadcast signal when they needed to conduct a televised prisoner exchange with Nathan Bates.

Chi Chi Haspay

Skip Henry is a member of the Resistance during the Second Invasion one year after Liberation Day. He became a news broadcaster for the pirate radio network "Radio Free America" with the nickname "Old Skipper" and had a special part he operated called "Dedication Line" which allowed certain Resistance members to express emotions or feelings for any person they wanted.

Anna Horowitz

Fred King was a scientist and an old friend and colleague of Julie Parrish. He initially helps only by supplying intelligence to Julie and her fellow Resistance members (such as John's ceremony at the Los Angeles Medical Center, complete with building plans) but with Julie's insistence, agrees to take larger risks and smuggles medical supplies and weapons to the Resistance. He served as Julie's getaway driver when the operation to expose John's true nature on national television succeeded. He made it to the gate, but Daniel Bernstein shot him through the windscreen and he was killed instantly, causing the van to crash and allow Julie to be captured by Visitor forces.

Tony Wah Chong Leonetti

Steven Maitland was a promising medical student at the Los Angeles Medical School. While studying to become a doctor, he met Juliet Parrish, and the two became lovers and had a sexual affair with her. This relationship ended when Steven asked Julie for her hand in marriage; she initially accepted, but later backer out, as she couldn't face the prospect of becoming a housewife when she wanted to become a doctor. Steven was devastated. Later he graduated and became a doctor and a renowned biologist, known for his work with recombinant DNA.

During the Second Invasion one year after Liberation Day, Steven allowed himself to be captured by the Visitors and brought to the Mothership; who wanted to use him to create a virus that caused its victims to fall into a vegetative-like state, when in fact he was planning to break into the Mothership's Vault and destroy their entire supply of active viral weapons; which would end the Visitors ability to wage a biological attack on Earth (because the germs that make up the virus could only be cultivated on Sirius 4 and would take years to replace). Steven worked on the virus for three months, steadily planning to destroy the virus, and was meanwhile forced to experiment on captured humans, filling him with guilt at him turning people into "zombies", and was also threatened by his Visitor supervisors to get his work done on time or risk execution. This was because Steven altering each sample of the virus before he used it to derail the research. He also modified his permanent store of the virus to die within 12 hours of infecting a subject, allowing all the test subjects to recover.

When Mike Donovan and Julie, now a doctor herself, came aboard with Philip's assistance to salvage a list of Resistance leaders names and locations from Visitor custody, Julie reunited with Steven and began to mend their relationship. With Mike's assistance, Steven formed crude and powerful explosives out of the chemical compounds in his lab and, after setting fire to his lab as a diversion, accessed the vault, and used the explosives to destroy the inside of the room, along with the viruses. After Mike and Julie found the list, they escaped the Mothership with Steven.

As they parted ways, Steven, now friends with Mike due to their similar nature, planned to one day take a skyfighter ride with him through "clear skies" when the war ended. He also planned to get back together with Julie. Although he wanted to get back together with her now (which she reciprocated), he had many tasks to perform for the Resistance; such as making sure the Visitors viral complex would never be rebuilt, help his staff and their families make it to the Free Zone and then aid in the research being done there that could defeat the Visitors.

A short time later, Julie was killed in the (unaired) series finale while on the Mothership. Steven never had the chance to see her again.

The Maxwells

Elizabeth "Starchild" Maxwell is the Half-Human/Half-Visitor hybrid daughter of Visitor Brian and Robin Maxwell and grandchild of Robert and Kathleen Maxwell and niece of Katie and Polly. She is the only known successful offspring between the two peoples and is a product of one of Diana's experiments into crossbreeding. When she was born, it was discovered she had a younger twin reptilian brother; who died from exposure to an infection (which was the basis for the Red Dust). Elizabeth however thrived and began aging at a rapid rate to the point she was an 8-year-old mere hours after birth. When Elizabeth's father, Brian, was killed by her mother, Robin, Father Andrew Doyle grew afraid for her safety and took her to the Visitors for her own protection. Diana realised the importance of the child and kept her close by. She was brought back to her family following the Red Dust poisoning the Earth against Visitor habitation, and demonstrated remarkable abilities, such as disabling the self-destruct device intended to destroy the Earth.

One year after Liberation Day, Elizabeth is seen living with her mother and grandfather at their mountain ranch. The world media is centred around learning about her and are curious of her involvement in saving the Earth and keep trying to talk to her, but Elizabeth uses her new telekinetic abilities to keep them away. She then goes through another metamorphosis, turning her into a full-grown woman of 18 within a matter of hours. She, Julie and Robert escape the returning Visitors back to Los Angeles and join the Resistance. Elizabeth finds it difficult to get used to her new status and physical condition, but with the aid of her friends, she gets used to it and becomes an ever-helpful member of the Resistance and uses her expanding powers to help their fight against the Visitors. She also develops a strong romantic relationship with Kyle Bates.

In the (unaired) series finale, Elizabeth is revealed to be destined to find an artifact on Earth called the "Anyx", which is the source of all great power and once belonged to the Visitor's gods who hid it away on Earth in the face of someone on their world taking control of it and destroying them. Elizabeth is meant to find it and use it to rule the people of the Earth and eventually conquer the Visitors. Elizabeth steals an artifact called the "Syllabus" which is a scroll that leads to the Anyx's location from the Leader and escapes with the Resistance back to Earth. She and the Resistance are currently hunting for the artifact amidst the destruction the Visitors have wrought in the time of peace, which they took advantage of to crush the majority of the Resistance.

Elizabeth's powers include eidetic memory, enhanced hearing, genetic memory, healing, levitation, precognition, remote viewing, technopathy, telekinesis, telepathy, voice duplication. But when she finds the Anyx, her powers will become larger and more varied to the point she will dominate both races. Elizabeth is also immune to the Red Dust, despite her Visitor genes. As a result, the Visitors (primarily Diana) make repeated attempts to capture her as her DNA may hold the key to develop a permanent cure or anti-toxin to the Red Dust and allow the Visitors to conquer the remaining protected areas of the world. Elizabeth's DNA can also be used to create a new version of the Red Dust that is harmless to life on Earth, In "V" The Final Battle she trying to make peace with Diana, Diana said "It's not in our destiny" Elizabeth said peace again in Visitor language but Diana yelled No!

Robin Maxwell is the 17-year-old daughter of Robert and Kathleen and older sister to Polly and Katie. She was an impulsive teenager who frequently made dangerously foolish decisions. When her old boyfriend, Daniel Bernstein, reports her family to the Visitors when she rejects him, Robin and her family join the Resistance. Robin, wanting to explore, goes outside the base and is quickly captured by Visitor soldiers and taken to the Visitor Mothership above Los Angeles. It is here she is made love to by Brian and left pregnant with his baby. Robin is rescued, along with Sancho Gomez, by Mike Donovan and returned to her family. Attempts to have the child aborted fail, and Robin gives birth to twins, one boy and one girl. The largely-Visitor boy dies of an infection while the largely-Human girl; now named Elizabeth, survives. It is revealed that the combination of Human and Visitor DNA caused the spontaneous development of an organism toxic to Visitor physiology. This organism is later refined into the "Red Dust". When Brian is captured to be used in a test of the Red Dust, Robin, who is thirsting for vengeance for using her to create a hybrid baby, uses the Dust on him; killing him nearly instantly. Robin then begins to have feelings for her child after Father Andrew Doyle took Elizabeth away for her own safety. Robin and Elizabeth were reunited when the Resistance captures the Los Angeles Mothership and returns the Earth, which is now toxic to Visitor habitation due to the Red Dust.

One year after Liberation Day, Robin is shown to have matured and is more responsible and joins the Resistance during the Second Invasion by the Visitors. Though she sometimes acts childish, especially when she fell in love with Kyle Bates, who did not reciprocate, but instead had feelings for a now grown-up Elizabeth. After a second attempt is made to impregnate her (as her DNA is the only strand on the Earth that can be manipulated to combine with Visitor DNA), she decides to leave for Chicago, where the Visitors cannot survive due to the lingering effects of the Red Dust.

Marilyn McGeorge

Doctor Rudolph Metz was an elderly scientist and expert in biochemistry. He had a highly-successful career, even with him becoming a Nobel Prize winner. He became the mentor of Doctor Julie Parrish, a promising young fourth-year medical student, and arranged for her to stay longer when she perfected several medical techniques he had been trying for years to perfect on his own. When the Visitors arrived on Earth, Metz and his colleagues were all eager to learn the secrets behind Visitor physiology, and tried to use his invitations to Visitor science seminars to learn about them. However, this proved useless as the seminars had little or no useful information, leaving the group clueless about the alien's true nature. When people, mostly scientists, started to disappear, Metz paid little attention, until Ruth, one of his oldest colleagues and secret love interest, disappeared after successfully gaining access to the Visitor's DNA. Metz was devastated when the police investigation (effortless due to the Visitors secretly hampering their progress) turned up nothing and no idea what happened to Ruth. Metz, who secretly loved Ruth, became inconsolable, shutting himself up in his office for hours and chain-smoking (though he hadn't had a cigarette since 1963). When the "Conspiracy of Scientists" began appearing on television, Metz was a suspect after another alleged member "gave up" his name to the authorities after being arrested. The police promptly searched through Metz's office, but he was confident they wouldn't find anything. However, fake evidence had been planted in his office without his knowledge and was discovered in the search. Within hours of the police departure, Metz and thousands of other scientists went missing, all dead after being captured and eaten by the Visitors.

Harmony Moore

Doctor Morrow was a scientific technician who worked at Doctor Rudolph Metz's laboratory in the pathology department with Doctor Prentiss, with distinguished work records that marked them as competent and loyal. When the Visitors came to Earth, Morrow became increasingly curious of the Visitors true nature. Gradually, he became a Resistance sympathizer when scientists were being increasingly ostracized from society. Morrow and Prentiss didn't show up for work one day without calling in. As a result, the entire laboratory was left behind on their work quotas. His disappearance baffled his colleagues, as with his record, such a cavalier attitude wasn't expected from him. Morrow was undoubtedly eaten by the Visitors.

Juliet Parrish

Don Pollasio is the leader of the Spanish Resistance during the Second Invasion one year after Liberation Day. He led the defenders of Cordoba, the last free city in Spain under human control, and refused to surrender despite seven weeks of savage street fighting. When offered terms by the Visitors, Pollasio was reported by the Freedom News Network to have said in Spanish "Spain for the Spanish!, Death to the Visitors!".

Doctor Prentiss

Miguel Ramirez was a Mexican migrant worker in San Antonio, Texas. He was a member of the Resistance during the Second Invasion one year after Liberation Day. Miguel and a handful of his neighbours barricaded themselves in The Alamo and held out against overwhelming Visitor forces for two weeks. In the end, Miguel and his valiant followers blew up the Alamo with themselves inside it rather than let the national shrine fall into Visitor hands. He was proudly awarded the Freedom News Network's weekly "Medal of Valour" posthumously.

Dixie Reilly

Joe Sampson is a farmer and family friend to the Courtney family. He served in Vietnam, where he lost his leg, and was given an honorable discharge and decided to retire to a mountain community near Tucson, and still regularly practised shooting. When the Visitors came to the community, Sheriff Roland sold out Joe and the other defenders by confiscating all the weapons in the local area and collecting forced taxes from the locals. Joe was the only rancher to attend a meeting for a possible counterattack held by Kathy Courtney, now a widow following her husband's death at the hands of the Visitors. Joe was inspired by Resistance leader Mike Donovan and joined the new Resistance group and assisted in driving off a Visitor attack squad led by Lieutenant James and arrested Roland and his men for collaboration. He is currently working with Kathy and the other ranchers to prepare for the Visitor's eventual return to the region.

Paul Savage

Howard K. Smith is the anchorman for the Freedom News Network, a pirate radio broadcast in New York meant to deliver unbiased media to the people, and kept the watchers up-to-date with the state of the conflict around the world; reporting on Resistance victories and defeats and awarding a "Medal of Valour" to a specific Resistance fighter once a week if they saved many human lives or killed many Visitors and fought incredibly bravely. He broadcasted Diana's trial and believed assassination.

Randy Talbot

Caleb Taylor was a worker at Arthur Dupres's chemical plant and widower with two sons; Benjamin and Elias. His family was in turmoil when Caleb constantly nagged Elias about becoming more worthwhile than a black market dealer, often using Benjamin; a doctor, as an example and this led Elias to despise Benjamin. Caleb was injured in an accident at the plant, and is rescued by one of the Visitor technicians; Willie, which leads them to become friends. When Benjamin joined the Resistance and is killed by the Visitors, Caleb and Elias both become active members of the Resistance to avenge his death. When Willie was captured for research into the Visitors biology, Caleb vouched for his survival and freedom as he considered him more trustworthy than most Visitors. During the discussion for the final attack on the Visitors with the Red Dust toxin, Caleb feared nuclear annihilation and voted against it, while Elias supported it. Caleb is proud of the man Elias has now become and accompanies Elias, Mike Donovan, Julie Parrish, Sancho Gomez, Harmony Moore, Willie and many others onto the Visitor Mothership orbiting Los Angeles and helped kill the entire crew with the Red Dust, allowing the ship to be captured by the Resistance and Earth be saved from destruction.

Whether he is still alive during the Second Invasion or he lived to see his second son, Elias, die in combat, is unknown.

Father Turney is a Roman Catholic priest who operated a small church on the outskirts of Los Angeles. During the Second Invasion one year after Liberation Day, Turney decided to join the Resistance and operated an underground railway through his church for children orphaned by the Visitors with the help of Chris Farber. When the Visitors, in violation of the Open City Agreement, raided the church in search of the refugees, Farber and fellow Resistance members Mike Donovan and Ham Tyler saved them from the Visitor soldiers and helped get the children to foster homes inside of the city. Despite Mike's warning about the Visitors most likely returning, Turney decided to stay at the church and continue his efforts, as he felt he needed to be there to help other children escape the invading Visitor armies.

Harvey Wachman

Janet Weinberg is a computer programmer who lived in Daytona Beach. She was a member of the Resistance during the Second Invasion one year after Liberation Day. Janet led a raid on a Visitor detention camp, freeing 250 American prisoners, which earned her the Freedom News Network's weekly "Medal of Valour".


Bart was a student who lived in Alassan Valley with his parents. He became a member of the Resistance during the Second Invasion one year after Liberation Day after the Visitors captured and killed his parents. He then became a member of the "Wildcats" Resistance group, which operated out of Widows Canyon. While trying to secure medicines for treating a diphtheria outbreak, Bart struck up a good friendship with fellow Resistance comrade Kyle Bates, whom the group came to trust. Bart occasionally disappeared, leading the group to think he was the Visitor spy updating Lieutenant James on their location, but it was ultimately discovered that his comrade, Andy, was the spy, having become susceptible to blackmail by the Visitors.


Gus is an influential police officer and member of the LAPD and an old friend of Ham Tyler and Chris Farber. One year after Liberation Day, the Visitors launched the Second Invasion, and Gus, along with the rest of the LAPD, were put under the control of Nathan Bates and ordered enforce order inside the new "Open City" of Los Angeles, which also entailed stamping out Resistance activity. Gus and several other officers who "don't play ball with the lizards" soon developed sympathies with the Resistance, and Gus turned to selling information to Tyler. When Caniff Printing was seized by Science Frontiers security personnel led by Mr. Chiang and Visitor troops led by Charles and its hostages decreed by Bates to be executed, Gus was called upon by Ham and Chris to see of he heard where the hostages were being held. Gus, however, had hear nothing from his contacts across the city, which kept watch over all the activity in the city's facilities, and as such couldn't help them. Before returning to his duties, Gus promised that he would tell them when he heard something and also gave a warning; "One thing's for sure; if those folks die at noon tomorrow you guys ain't gonna have many friends".


Kenny is the leader of a gang of graffiti artists. During the First Invasion, Kenny and his gang joined the Resistance and actively vandalised Visitor property, such as posters, with cans of spray paint. While doing this with his gang one day, they were approached by Abraham Bernstein. Though fearful he might report them, instead he taught them to write "V" for "Victory" of Visitor property. Kenny understood and told all his friends, who in turn expanded this trend to Resistance groups throughout the world.


Doctor Phyllis was a biochemist at Doctor Rudolph Metz's laboratory and colleague and friend to Doctor Julie Parrish and her lover Dennis Lowell. During the First Invasion, Phyllis became increasingly curious of the Visitors true nature. Gradually, she became a Resistance sympathizer when scientists were being increasingly ostracized from society. Phyllis suddenly disappeared one day and none of her colleagues heard from her or knew what happened to her. Julie told Dennis about this, who half-heartedly suggested that she simply went away, but Julie had since realized the missing people were being "taken" away, as rumors were brewing about the disappearances. Phyllis was undoubtedly eaten by the Visitors.


Vanik is a member of the Resistance during the Second Invasion one year after Liberation Day. During the initial Visitor invasion, Vanik was caught behind the front lines and captured by the Visitors, who placed him in one of their newly-constructed internment camps. Vanik then struck up a friendship with fellow inmate Kyle Bates, while performing physically-demanding tasks. When Mike Donovan and Ham Tyler were imprisoned at the camp, Vanik enjoyed teasing Tyler, because he struggled with his tasks due to his age, but eventually came to respect him after being sent to solitary trying to escape. Vanik was killed by Diana during the escape.

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  • Series One, Episode Five (Island at War) — Series One, Episode Five is the fifth episode of the first series of the television drama Island at War .Plot summaryIn a break from the more comfortable drama of the first four episodes, Director Peter Lydon and writer Stephen Mallatratt show us …   Wikipedia

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  • Resistance Productions — was a Swiss based anarcho punk record label that championed the DIY punk ethic with releases by bands such as Earth Citizens and Protest, and a series of international punk compilation tapes entitled Punk is.... . In 1994 they also released… …   Wikipedia

  • Series One, Episode Two (Island at War) — Series One, Episode Two is the second episode of the first series of the television drama Island at War .Plot summaryIn general the episode introduces the German Islander interpersonal relationships to be developed. The opening shots comprise a… …   Wikipedia

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