Bliss can be a state of profound spiritual satisfaction, happiness or joy, often associated with religious ideas of the afterlife.

Bliss is also a natural, neurophysiological experience, potentially cultivatable, for which the drug Ecstasy (MDMA) serves as a reference experience.

In many philosophical systems, including some forms of Shaivite Hinduism, hedonism, Epicureanism and the Krishna Consciousness movement, a state of bliss (either subjective or objective) is seen as a major state of being which can only be reached through the moment itself.

This state is also reffered to as enlightenment The word "bliss" is often used as a translation for the Sanskrit term Ananda.

A great many references to "bliss" exist in popular culture.

The word "Bliss" can also refer to the following:


* Arthur Bliss, composer
* Bliss (Band), the soul-pop group featuring Rachel Morrison [ [ Bliss Band Members Page ] ]
* "Bliss" (Psychic TV song), a song by the English rock band Psychic TV
* "Bliss" (Muse song), a song by the English rock band Muse
* "Bliss" (Tori Amos song), a song by Tori Amos
* "Bliss" (Mariah Carey song), a song on Mariah Carey's "Rainbow" album
* "Bliss" (Paul Gilbert song), a song on Paul Gilbert's "Burning Organ" album
* "BLISS" (album), an album by Nikki Webster
* "Bliss" (12 Rods album) (1993), by indie rock band 12 Rods
* "Bliss" (Vanessa Paradis album) (2000), by French pop singer Vanessa Paradis
* "Bliss" (Doug Anthony All Stars), an early recording by the Doug Anthony All Stars
* "The Bliss Album...?", an album by PM Dawn
* Bliss, Alternative/Grunge/Experimental Band from Harrow
* Bliss (Birdbrain album) 1995 debut album by post-grunge band Birdbrain.
* Bliss (Still Remains song), a song off Still Remains' Of Love and Lunacy album.
* Right into the Bliss, a song by Katatonia
* Bliss (I Don't Wanna Know) Song by Hinder
* Bliss (Miranda Sykes album) an album by British folk singer and double bass player, Miranda Sykes.
* "Ignorance is Bliss" by JellyFish.


* Bliss (Wildstorm), a Wildstorm comic book character
* Bliss (Starman), an incubus who appeared in the DC Comics series "Starman"
* Bliss (Morlocks), a member of the Marvel Comics mutant group The Morlocks
* "Bliss" (cartoon), a syndicated cartoon produced by Harry Bliss


* "Bliss" (1917 film), starring Harold Lloyd
* "Bliss" (1985 film), directed by Ray Lawrence, adapted from the Peter Carey novel
* "Bliss" (1997 film), starring Terrance Stamp, Sheryl Lee and Craig Sheffer
* "Bliss" (2006 film), aka "Fu Sheng", a Chinese film produced by Fruit Chan
* "Bliss" (2007 film), aka "Mutluluk", directed by Abdullah Oğuz, adapted from the Zülfü Livaneli novel


* Bliss (TV channel), a British music television channel playing classic hits
* "Bliss" (TV series), a Canadian produced dramatic television series that ran from 2002 to 2004
* "Bliss" ("Voyager" episode), an episode from the fifth season of "Star Trek: Voyager"
* Dee Bliss, a fictional character on the Australian soap "Neighbours"
* Carrie Bliss, a fictional character on TBSs "Saved by the Bell"-teacherIgnorance Is Bliss

Computer science

* BLISS (programming language), a system programming language developed at Carnegie Mellon University
* "Bliss" (game), a 2005 adult computer game
* Bliss (image), a computer wallpaper included with Microsoft Windows XP
* Bliss (virus), a computer virus that infects GNU/Linux systems
* [ BLISS (Computer Program)] , a library automation software created by [ Bilkent University]


* Bliss, California, USA
* Bliss, Idaho, USA
* Bliss Corner, Massachusetts, USA
* Bliss Township, Michigan, USA
* Fort Bliss, Texas, USA
* Bliss Street, Beirut, Lebanon


* Arthur Bliss, a British composer
* Caroline Bliss, British actress
* Charles K. Bliss, inventor of Blissymbols
* Cornelius Newton Bliss, US merchant and politician
* Daniel Bliss, the founder of AUB, the American University of Beirut
* Douglas Percy Bliss, 20th century Scottish painter
* Duane Leroy Bliss, 19th century Nevada, USA industrialist
* George Bliss, 19th century US Congressman
* Gilbert Ames Bliss, US mathematician
* Harry Bliss, US cartoonist
* Henry E. Bliss, US librarian
* Mike Bliss, US NASCAR driver
* Nathaniel Bliss, 18th century English astronomer
* Philemon Bliss, 19th century US Congressman & jurist
* Philip P. Bliss (1838-1876), American hymn lyricist and composer
* Raymond W. Bliss, Major General US Army, Surgeon General 1947-1951
* Tasker H. Bliss, early 20th century U.S. Army officer
* William Dwight Porter Bliss, American religious leader and activist
* William Henry Bliss, English scholar
* William Wallace Smith Bliss, U.S. Army Officer


* Bliss (Spa), Spa and retail product company


* Blissymbols, an Integrated Pictographic Language System for international communication, currently used by people with language-related disabilitie
* Bliss, UK Teen Magazine
* [ Bliss Magazine] , Washington DC based Womens Magazine
* Bliss - A Short Story by Katherine Mansfield


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