Xia Yu

Xia Yu

Xia Yu (Chinese: 夏雨; Pinyin: Xià Yǔ; born October 6, 1978) is a Chinese actor.


He was born in Qingdao, Shandong Province. He was initially discovered by Jiang Wen during his semi-autobiographical film "In the Heat of the Sun" (1994). Xia was chosen partly because of facial resemblance to a young Jiang. He achieved international fame by winning many awards for his first film, including Best Actor from the Venice Film Festival - becoming the youngest actor to win that award in the history of the festival.

After his first film, he was accepted into the Central Academy of Drama, the most prestigious acting school in Beijing. After completing his studies there, Xia remained an active force in Chinese cinema as well as television, appearing in many films and television series. His most recent film appearance was in the modern Chinese comedy "Waiting Alone" (2005). He also appeared in the Hong Kong action film "Meng Long" ("Dragon Squad", 2005).


* "In the Heat of the Sun" (1994) - Ma Xiaojun
* "Shadow Magic" (2000) - Liu Jinglun (Liu Zhonglun)
* "Roots and Branches" (2001)
* "" (2001) - Quentin Young
* "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" (2002) - Gao Ju
* "Cala, My Dog!" (2003)
* "Jing cha you yue" (2003) - Zhao Liu'an
* "Bamboo Shoot" (2004) - Wang Shengli
* "Waiting Alone" (2004) - Chen Wen
* "Electric Shadows" (2005) - Mao Dabing
* "Dragon Squad" (2005) (as Sean Xia) - Cheung
* "Shanghai Rumba" (2006) - Chuan

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