Alcohol (disambiguation)

Alcohol (disambiguation)

Alcohol may refer to:

*Alcohol as a homologous series in chemistry.
**Denatured alcohol - a toxic alcohol used as a fuel or solvent.
**Rubbing alcohol - a denatured alcohol used in topical applications
**Isopropyl alcohol - a rubbing alcohol typically used to sterilize surgical instruments
*Ethanol, the chemical compound commonly known as alcohol.
*Alcoholic beverage, any drink containing ethanol.
*Alcohol fuel, a type of alternative fuel
*Alcohol 120%, an optical disc authoring program and disk image emulator.

In music:
*Alcohol (Barenaked Ladies song), a song by Barenaked Ladies
*Alcohol, a song by the Butthole Surfers from the album "Independent Worm Saloon"
*Alcohol (CSS song), a song by Cansei de Ser Sexy
*Alcohol (Brad Paisley song), a country music song by Brad Paisley.
*"Alcohol", a song by Terminaator from the album "Lõputu päev"

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