Wicket (disambiguation)

Wicket (disambiguation)

A wicket is a term used in the sport of cricket with several related meanings.

It also has some non-cricket meanings:

*"Sticky Wicket", a M*A*S*H episode
*Wicket (retail); in banking, the place where a customer performs a transaction with a bank teller
*In croquet, one of the hoops through which the balls must pass
*Apache Wicket, a web application framework
*Wicket W. Warrick, an Ewok in the "Star Wars" universe
*Wicket Dam related to navigation, [http://www.lrp.usace.army.mil/pao/wicket_dams.htm Pittsburg District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers]
*Wicket gate, a type of door
*Wicket (ski), a wire loop which attaches a ski pass to a skier

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