Habsburg, Switzerland

Habsburg, Switzerland

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subject_name = Habsburg
municipality_name = Habsburg
municipality_type = municipality
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languages = German
canton = Aargau
iso-code-region = CH-AG
district = Brugg
postal_code = 5245
municipality_code = 4099
area = 2.23
elevation = 470|elevation_description=
population = 390|populationof = December 2006 | popofyear = 2006
website = www.habsburg.ch
mayor = |mayor_asof=|mayor_party=
mayor_title = |list_of_mayors =
places =
demonym =
neighboring_municipalities= Brugg, Hausen, Scherz, Schinznach-Bad
twintowns = |

Habsburg is a municipality in the district of Brugg in canton of Aargau in Switzerland.

It is located above the Aar valley. As of 2000, the population was 368. The territory of the municipality is 2.23 km².

Around 1020, Radbot of Habsburg built Habsburg castle, which became the family seat of the Habsburg dynasty, which went on to become one of the leading royal dynasties in Europe. Though the family did not rule the land after the 1400s, the historic arms of Habsburg, a lion on a gold field, show up in Austrian arms up to the end of the Imperial period. The modern arms show Habsburg Castle. The area around this castle was covered by forests and only cleared around 1500.

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