Wind Chill

Wind Chill

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name = Wind Chill

caption = Promotional movie poster for the film
imdb_id = 0486051
writer = Joe Gangemi
Steven A. Katz
starring = Emily Blunt
Ashton Holmes
Chelan Simmons
director = Gregory Jacobs
producer = George Clooney
Steven Soderbergh
Graham Broadbent
Ben Cosgrove
Peter Lhotka
distributor = TriStar Pictures
released = April 27, 2007
runtime = | 90 min. country = United Kingdom
United States
language = English
music =
awards =
budget =

"Wind Chill" is a 2007 horror film starring Emily Blunt and Ashton Holmes. George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh are among the producers of the project. The movie was directed by Gregory Jacobs, who previously directed the well-received movie "Criminal". The film began filming in the Vancouver area on February 1st, 2006. The completed film opened in limited distribution on April 27, 2007. The film is also available on DVD.


In this film, a young woman from a northeastern college shares a ride home to Delaware for Christmas with a strange young man she meets from their school Ride Board. After a few hours of driving, the guy detours to what he considers a shortcut, Route 606.

The girl (Blunt) discovers the guy is not from her hometown and is an admirer-classmate from school. He reveals he knows much more about her than she had realized, causing her to become very nervous. When their car gets run off the road by another car on "scenic" Route 606, she becomes suspicious this was all planned, however she soon realizes her strange companion is the least of her worries. As the temperature drops to 30 degrees below zero, ghostly figures begin appearing in the woods where ghastly events had unfolded in the 1950s.

Filming locations

The college scenes in the film were shot at the University of British Columbia near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Outdoor scenes of the movie were shot near Peachland, British Columbia, in February and March 2006.


The movie received mixed to negative reviews. Rottentomatoes gave it a 46% while Metacritic rates it at 52% (out of 100)


Note: The Characters appearing in this film are never named.

*Emily Blunt as Girl
*Ashton Holmes as Guy
*Martin Donovan as Highway Patrolman
*Chelan Simmons as Blonde Girl
*Ned Bellamy as Pickup Driver

DVD Release

The DVD was released on May 5th in a 2-disc set. In the UK it was available with special holographic sleeve.

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