Esther Deason Shield

Esther Deason Shield

The Esther Deason Shield is a trophy symbolizing the Under 16 Women's Championship of the Australian Softball Federation.

Previous individual award winners

Most Valuable Player - Helen Brown (WA)
Pitching Award - Emma Housden (ACT)
Batting Award - Brooke Wilkins (NSW)

Most Valuable Player - Natalie Ward (NSW)
Pitching Award - Claire Holloway (VIC)
Batting Award - Andrea Ling (VIC)

Most Valuable Player - Kendal Leggett (WA)
Pitching Award - Leanne Tyler (QLD)
Batting Award - Kelly Miles (QLD)

Most Valuable Player - Melinda Wright (NSW)
Pitching Award - Leigh Kenning (NSW)
Batting Award - Melanie Anderson (QLD)

Most Valuable Player - Melanie Thomas (NSW)
Pitching Award - Leigh Kenning (NSW)
Batting Award - Janelle Underwood (TAS)

Most Valuable Player - Adele Pajtl (NSW)
Pitching Award - Erin Lambert (NSW)
Batting Award - Kym Tollenaere (QLD)

Most Valuable Player - Kylie Angland (VIC)
Pitching Award - Nicole Bacon (NSW)
Batting Award - Kylie Hansen (QLD)

Most Valuable Player - Alissa Brabbin (NSW)
Pitching Award - Tanya Holodnow (NSW)
Batting Award - Stacey Porter (NSW)

Most Valuable Player - Tegan Withell (NSW)
Pitching Award - Zara Mee (NSW)
Batting Award - Stacey Porter (NSW)

Most Valuable Player - Kelly Usher (NSW)
Pitching Award - Stacey Ritter (NSW)
Batting Award - Rachel Duhigg (NSW)

Most Valuable Player - Amy Manifold (SA)
Pitching Award - Chermai Clews (WA)
Batting Award - Anita Trezona-White (WA)

Most Valuable Player - Lauren Williams (NSW)
Pitching Award - Jacinta Fitzsimmons (NSW)
Batting Award - Georgie Shannon (QLD)

Most Valuable Player - Stephanie Hunt (QLD)
Pitching Award - Sarah Abrahams (NSW)
Batting Award - Janelle Cocks (VIC)

Most Valuable Player - Justine Smethurst (VIC)
Pitching Award - Kristen Wadwell (NSW)
Batting Award - Carolyn James (VIC)

Most Valuable Player - Ashleigh Hansen (NSW)
Pitching Award - Sarah Bradley (NSW)
Batting Award - Erin McGinty (NSW)

Most Valuable Player - Leigh Godfrey (WA)
Pitching Award - Kaia Parnaby (NSW)
Batting Award - Ashleigh Hansen (NSW)

Most Valuable Player - Kara Murphy (NSW)
Pitching Award - Kaia Parnaby (NSW)
Batting Award - Erin Thras (Qld)

Most Valuable Player - Abigail Priolo (Qld)
Pitching Award - Simone Freeman (NSW)
Batting Award - Stacey Webber (Qld)

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*Australian Softball Federation
*ASF National Championships

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