Flipper may refer to:

In entertainment:
*Film and television series featuring the intelligent bottlenose dolphin named Flipper:
**"Flipper" (1963 film), directed by James B. Clark
**"Flipper's New Adventure", a 1964 film directed by Leon Benson
**"Flipper" (1964 TV series), which originally ran from 1964-1967
**"Flipper" (1995 TV series), including Jessica Alba
**"Flipper" (1996 film), a 1996 film starring Elijah Wood as the main character, Sandy
**"Flipper and Lopaka", a 2001 Australian animated TV series, with additional stories made in 2005
*Flipper (band), a punk band from San Francisco
*Die Flippers, a German Schlager group

* Henry Ossian Flipper (1856–1940), the first African American cadet to graduate from West Point
* Flipper Anderson, former National Football League wide receiver
* nickname of Brazilian water polo player Leandro Ruiz Machado

Other uses
*Flipper (anatomy), a limb on some animals
*A speculator who engages in Flipping (buying and selling quickly)
*A scuba diver's swimfin
*A part of a pinball machine used to strike the ball
*Another name for a pinball machine in Germany, France or Italy
*Flipper, the name of the ATi-produced Graphics Processing Unit chip used in the Nintendo GameCube videogame console
* Flipper (cricket), a type of delivery bowled by a wrist spin bowler
*A hiker that skips a section of a long distance trail to hike later in the season
*Flipper, also known as a malasada, a fried dough pastry popular on Cape Cod
*Another name for the spatula cooking instrument
*A slang term for removable partial dentures
*Operation Flipper, a British World War II commando raid with the goal of assassinating Erwin Rommel

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