Ram Chandra Shukla

Ram Chandra Shukla

"This article is about the Indian Artist Ram Chandra Shukla"
Ram Chandra Shukla is an Indian painter and art critic. He resides in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, where he continues his art work. Ram Chandra Shukla was born in a farmer's [http://ramchandrashukla.4t.com/photo6.html family] in a small village called Shukulpura of district Basti, Uttar Pradesh, in the year 1925. Soon after that his father shifted to a prominent, cultural city, Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh, where he grew up. He graduated from the Allahabad University and studied painting under a renowned Indian Painter of the Bengal School named Kshitindra Nath Majumdar. Thereafter, he joined Banaras Hindu University as a teacher of art in the department of Painting. He retired as a Professor and the Head of Department of Painting of Banaras Hindu University in the year 1985. Subsequently, he shifted to his native place, Allahabad and started his studio there. He is an artist but he does not try to sell his paintings. He simply wants to go in the depth of art itself and work as a spiritual painter, enjoying the bliss of art. He is known for his experiment with brush and colors. He developed various indigenous style of painting of which most important are Kashi Shailee, Samikshavad and Intuitive Paintings.

Kashi Shailee Paintings

As a disciple of the famous Indian artist of the Bengal School, Shri K.N.Maujmdar, Prof. R.C.Shukla used to paint in water color wash technique which was prevalent at that time. Thereafter, he began to take interest in the Folk Paintings of India, particularly Benaras Folk Art and Miniature Paintings of India. It was during that period that he with other drawing students developed a new school of Indian contemporary painting called Kashi Shailee which was based on Folk Art of Benaras and Miniature Paintings of India.



Prof. R.C.Shukla painted many forms and styles of paintings, but he was in search of an indigenous style of modern painting in India, which he developed during his stay in Benaras Hindu University in the year 1974, called as Samikshavad. This style is now well known in India. By this style, the artist tends to expose the corruption prevalent in the society and politics, with a language that is symbolic and satirical.

Intuitive Paintings

Prof. R.C.Shukla's latest experiment(year 2005) has taken different turn and he now calls his recent paintings as Intuitive paintings which expresses his inner spiritual feelings and inner experiences. These paintings have been made with colored markers and sketch pens which are a new medium in the field of Indian Paintings. They are small size paintings and can be called Modern Miniature Paintings.

Books written by Prof.Ram Chandra Shukla

1.Rekhawali (In Hindi Language)Publisher-Kala Prakashan, Allahabad, 1951.

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5. Kala Ka Darshan (Philosophy of Art)(In Hindi Language),Publisher- Karona art Publisher, Meerut, India,1964.

6. Kala Prasang (Great References of Art)(In Hindi Language), Publisher- Karona Art Publisher, Meerut, India,1965.

7. Aadhunik Kala-Samikshavad (Modern Art and Indian Movement of Art Samikshavad)(In Hindi Language),Publisher- Kala Prakashan, Allahabad,India, 1994.

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10. Shilp-Lok (World of Creation)(In Hindi Language), Publisher- Kitab Ghar, Patna, India, 1953.

Researches on the "Personality and work of Prof. Ram Chandra Shukla", in various Universities

1. "Uttar Pradesh ki Samkalin Kala mein Samikshavad aur Prof. Ram Chandra Shukla" (Samikshavad and Prof.Ram Chandra Shukla in contemporary Art of Utter Pradesh)(In Hindi Language)- Doctoral Desertation by Anju Kanaujia, CSJM University, Kanpur, India, 2001

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3. "Prasiddha Chitrakar, Lekhak, Samikshak ki Kalatmak Jeevan Yatra - Prof Ram Chandra Shukla" (The Artistic Life journey of a famous Artist Writer and Critic - Prof. Ram Chandra Shukla)(In Hindi Language) - Desertation by Gargi Upadhyay, [http://www.ddugu.edu.in/main.html DDU Gorakhpur University] , Gorakhpur, India, 2006.

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5. "Samikshavad Ka Vaicharik, Tatvik avum Samajik Addhayan Professor Ram Chandra Shukla Ki Kala Ke Sandarbha Mein" (Thoughtful,Materialistic and Socialistic Study of Samikshavad in context of art of Prof.Ram Chandra Shukla)(In Hindi Language)- Doctoral Desertation by Kanchan Sinha,Allahabad University

Other References

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Awards and Fellowship

Fellowship [http://www.fineartakademiup.org.in/fellow.htm State Lalit Kala Akademi] , U.P.; Kala Bhushan, Hindi Sansthan, U.P.; Joe Fregonard, France; Veteran Artist, AIFACS, New Delhi.

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