Infobox Film
name = Ransom!

caption = Movie Poster
producer = Nicholas Nayfack
director = Alex Segal
writer = Cyril Hume
Richard Maibaum
starring = Glenn Ford
Donna Reed
Leslie Nielsen
music = Jeff Alexander
editing = Ferris Webster
cinematography = Arthur E. Arling
distributor = MGM
released = January 24, 1956
runtime = 109 min.
language = English
country = USA
amg_id = 107278
imdb_id = 0049656

"Ransom!" is a 1956 crime drama examining the reactions of parents, police, and the public to a kidnapping. Written by Richard Maibaum and Cyril Hume, the film was based on a popular episode of "The United States Steel Hour" titled "Fearful Decision," which aired in 1954. Directed by stage and television veteran Alex Segal, the film starred Glenn Ford, Donna Reed, and Leslie Nielsen.

The film and original teleplay were remade by Ron Howard as the 1996 film "Ransom".


Andy Stannard (Bobby Clark) is kidnapped from his school by a nurse claiming that he is needed immediately by the family doctor. His shaken parents, David and Edith (Glenn Ford and Donna Reed), notify the police and immediately begin falling apart. Confounded by the realization that the odds are his son won't be returned with or without paying the ransom, David turns the tables on the kidnappers, offering a reward for their capture. Will Andy be returned?


* Glenn Ford as David Stannard
* Donna Reed as Edith Stannard
* Leslie Nielsen as Charlie Telfer
* Juano Hernandez as Jesse Chapman
* Robert Keith as Police Chief Jim Backett
* Richard Gaines as Langly
* Mabel Albertson as Mrs. Partridge
* Alexander Scourby as Dr. Paul Y. Gorman
* Bobby Clark as Andy Stannard
* Ainslie Pryor as Al Stannard
* Lori March as Elizabeth Stannard
* Robert Burton as Sheriff Jake Kessing
* Juanita Moore as Shirley Lorraine
* Charles Herbert as Butchie Ritter, Neighbor Boy


* French : "La Rançon"
* Austria and West Germany: "Menschenraub"
* USA: "Fearful Decision"
* Finland: "Puhelu tuntemattomalta"
* Spain: "Rapto"
* Argentina: "Rescate"
* Italy: "Ricatto più vile, Il"
* Sweden: "Signal från okänd"
* Poland: "Okup"

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