Repast (modeling toolkit)

Repast (modeling toolkit)

The Recursive Porous Agent Simulation Toolkit (Repast) is a widely used free and open-source, cross-platform, agent-based modeling and simulation toolkit. Repast has multiple implementations in several languages and built-in adaptive features such as genetic algorithms and regression.

Repast was originally developed by David Sallach, Nick Collier, Tom Howe, Michael North and others at the University of Chicago.


* variety of agents and examples
* fully object oriented
* fully concurrent discrete event scheduler
* built-in simulation results logging and graphing tools
* allows users to dynamically access and modify agents and model at run time
* libraries for genetic algorithms, neural networks, etc.
* built-in systems dynamics modeling
* social network modeling tools
* integrated geographical information systems (GIS) support
* implemented in Java, C#, etc.
* supports Java, C#, Managed C++, Visual Basic.Net, Managed Lisp, Managed Prolog, and Python scripting, etc.
* is available on virtually all modern computing platforms

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* [ Repast Self-Study Guide]

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