Ludicrous Lollipops

Ludicrous Lollipops

The Ludicrous Lollipops was a band formed in Coventry in the late 1980s. The initial members were all students at theUniversity of Warwick who together produced a noisy, high tempo version of rock and roll. First and foremost a live act, they toured the UK extensively and attracted a loyal following who were dressed from head to toe in clothing from the band's extensive line of merchandise. The band was as active in its own marketing as it was with its music and members of the fan club were regularly sent information about the band, along with a free lollipop.

Their first record was the "Mush" EP, a 7 inch vinyl sleeved in luminous pink - luminous colours featured heavily with this band, from clothing to guitars and experimental hair styles. The EP was released on their own record label and sold several hundred copies.The band's career was given a boost when the NME's Steve Lamacq wrote a couple of favourable reviews and mentioned the band to the London A&R crowd who frequented the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town. This led to the band signing a publishing deal with London Records and a recording contract with Damaged Goods.

The peak of the band's success came on 21st March 1992, when they reached 138 in the UK Singles Chart with their "Scrumdiddlyumptious" EP. They went on to release another EP, "A Part" and a six inch single "Talk" before disbanding in 1993.


Mush EP (7 ": Crazy Ape Bonkers Phonogram Production Company) 1990

#Worlds Away

Scrumdiddlyumptious (12 ": Damaged Goods) 1991

#Lies About My Life
#Time Spent Hiding

A Part (12 ": Damaged Goods) 1992

#A Part

Talk (6 ": Damaged Goods) 1992



* [ Steve Lamacq refers to Ludicrous Lollipops as a band you might not have heard of]
* [ Japanese article confirming the band's notability, probably.]

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