Basic Military Training Centre

Basic Military Training Centre

The Basic Military Training Centre (abbreviation: BMTC; Chinese: 基本军事训练中心) is a military training facility located on Pulau Tekong in Singapore. Comprising of two schools, it is the initial Basic Military Training ground for the majority of recruits for the Singapore Armed Forces's national servicemen as well as regulars.


The BMTC traces its history to the establishment of the School of Basic Military Training (SBMT) in October 1967, seven months after the introduction of National Service in Singapore, in a bid to centralise basic military training for all recruits. In January 1976, the Infantry Training Depot (ITD) was formed, with added emphasise on training military commanders. This arrangement persisted till 1991, when training responsibilities was disseminated to the infantry brigades. Two separate schools were thus formed, namely the 3rd Brigade Training School (3 BTS) and the 7th Brigade Training School (7 BTS) under the command of the 3rd Singapore Infantry Brigade and the 7th Singapore Infantry Brigade respectively. The ITD came under the fold of the 2nd Singapore Infantry Brigade, thus renamed as the 2nd Brigade Training School (2 BTS).

Another major reorganisation took place on 26 August 1996, with all three schools once again coming under a centralised command. The Basic Military Training Centre School 1 (BMTC School 1) was formed, occupying Pulau Tekong Camps I and III. Basic Military Training Centre School 2 (BMTC School 2) was sited at Nee Soon Camp. Both schools are commanded by HQ Basic Military Training Centre, and were officially inaugurated on 26 September 1997 by the then Chief of Army, MG Han Eng Juan at Pulau Tekong Camp III.

Plans to further centralise all training grounds on the sprawling grounds of Pulau Tekong were already in earnest, however, with a new complex being constructed at Ladang adjacent to the existing jetty. In February 1999, both schools shifted to the new complex, with the former Alpha company of BMTC School 2 moving in first and renamed as Ninja Company. The new complex was officially opened on 17 August 1999 by then Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, Dr Tan Keng Yam Tony.

On July 2007, further expansions were made to BMTC to accommodate an increasing number of newly-enlisted recruits. Rocky Hill Camp, 4km away from the jetty and former home to the School of Infantry Specialists, was refurbished to include 2 new companies (and another one in December 2007) under the helm of BMTC School 1, making it a grand total of 24 companies among the 2 schools.

List of Companies

BMTC School 1

* Apache
* Bronco
* Cougar
* Dragon
* Eagle
* Falcon
* Gryphon
* Hawk
* Jaguar
* Kestrel
* Quebec
* Yankee
* Zulu

"Quebec, Yankee and Zulu companies are housed in Rocky Hill Camp. The other companies are located in Ladang."

BMTC School 2

* Leopard
* Mohawk
* Ninja
* Orion
* Pegasus
* Raven
* Scorpion
* Taurus
* Ulysses
* Viper
* Whiskey


The new BMTC represented the latest generation of military training facilities being progressively introduced across the island, included innovations such as a dedicated 5-storey block for each company, air-conditioned lecture rooms, elevators, air-conditioned gymnasiums, and a new range simulator. Co-located in the training ground are various training sheds of various sizes customised to fit platoons or entire companies, rifle, grenade and Battle Inoculation Course ranges, sports facilities and supporting amenities such as a medical centre, canteens, auditoriums, and also an SAF E-Mart outlet, the Infantry Heritage Centre and Total Defence Museum.

All buildings in the complex are connected by sheltered walkways, and are linked to the new ferry terminal for transportation to the main island. It is also easily accessible to pre-existing training facilities in the rest of the island, with the Tekong Highway just north of the training complex.

Located near to the ferry terminal, is a statue known as the National Service Landmark, depicting a life-sized infantry soldier with the Singapore Armed Forces Flag, which was unveiled by Dr Tony Tan on the same day of the training center's official opening.

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