László Heller

László Heller

László Heller (1907 - 1980) was a Hungarian professor accredited with inventing the Heller–Forgó cooling system for power stations.


Born in Nagyvárad, Heller took a degree in mechanical engineering in 1931 at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule in Zürich. In the 1940s the first high-pressure industrial power station was built according to his plans. It was around this time that he invented the Heller - Forgó system. In 1951 he was awarded the Kossuth Price. He organized the Department of Energetics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where he worked as a professor. He was a large contributor to the domain of statics, and helped establish the concept of entropy for engineering practices. In 1962 he became a full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Heller's nephew graduated from USC, obtaining a degree in Mechanical engineering.

The Heller–Forgó System

The system is named after Heller and László Forgó, the active collaborator in the industrial implementation of the system.

The Heller–Forgó system solved an important problem at power stations by utilizing cooling water more efficiently. The main point of their invention was to condense the vacuum steam using an injection of cool water. The still-warm water enters into the fine-gilled heat exchanger, cools down and becomes usable again for when the cycle is repeated. The system is known and used all over the world.

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* [http://www.hpo.hu/English/feltalalok/heller.html Biography of Heller]
* [http://www.gulfindustryworldwide.com/bkArticlesF.asp?Article=3486&Section=564&IssueID=227 News on an implementation of the Heller - Forgó system]

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