Just Be

Just Be

Infobox Album |
Name = Just Be
Type = Album
Artist = Tiësto

Released = Flagicon|Netherlands 6 April, 2004
Flagicon|USA 15 May, 2004
flagicon|United Kingdom 17 May 2004
flagicon|France 1 June 2004
flagicon|Canada 2 January 2006
flagicon|Japan 16 April 2004
flagicon|Taiwan 20 April 2004
flagicon|Romania 24 May 2004
flagicon|Australia 7 June 2004
flagicon|Spain 20 May 2004
Recorded = 2004
Genre = Trance
Length = 78:47
Label = Black Hole Recordings
Producer = Tiësto
Reviews =
* About.com Rating|4.5|5 [http://dancemusic.about.com/od/reviews/fr/TiestoJustBe.htm?terms=tiesto+just+be link]
* Allmusic Rating|3|5 [http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:kjfexqlaldae link]
Last album = "In My Memory"
This album = "Just Be"
Next album = "Parade of the Athletes"
Misc = Singles
Name = Just Be
Type = studio
single 1 = Traffic
single 2 = Love Comes Again
single 3 = Just Be
single 4 = Adagio for Strings
single 5 = UR / A Tear In The Open

:"This article is about the album by Tiësto. For its title track, see Just Be (song)."

"Just Be" is Tiësto's second artist album, released on 6 April, 2004 in the Netherlands and 15 May, 2004 in the USA (see 2004 in music). The album features BT, Kirsty Hawkshaw, and Aqualung on vocals. There is also a remake of Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings. The album's singles were Love Comes Again, Traffic, Just Be (the title track), and Adagio for Strings. The track "Sweet Misery" was originally written for Evanescence but it did not meet the deadline for the release of their album. [cite web|url=http://www.homeofchat.com/vB/showthread.php?t=34079|title=Sweet Misery]

Track listing

collapsed = no
lyrics_credits = yes
headline = Just Be
all_writing =
title1 = Forever Today
lyrics1 =
length1 = 11:57
title2 = Love Comes Again
lyrics2 = BT
length2 = 8:09
title3 = Traffic
lyrics3 =
length3 = 5:30
title4 = Sweet Misery
lyrics4 = Joanne Lloyd
length4 = 7:29
title5 = Nyana
lyrics5 =
length5 = 6:44
title6 = UR
lyrics6 = Matt Hales
length6 = 6:00
title7 = Walking On Clouds
lyrics7 = Kirsty Hawkshaw
length7 = 7:27
title8 = A Tear In The Open
lyrics8 =
length8 = 9:23
title9 = Just Be
lyrics9 = Kirsty Hawkshaw
length9 = 8:45
title10 = Adagio for Strings
lyrics10 =
length10 = 7:23

collapsed = yes
headline = Just Be - Press Kit
all_writing =
title1 = Just Be (album)
length1 = 78:47
title2 = Press Photos
length2 = ?
title3 = Love Comes Again (video)
length3 = 3:23
title4 = Tiësto In Concert (DVD)
length4 = 3:20:00

collapsed = yes
headline = Bonus Disc Avex Asia Inc.
all_writing =
title1 = Traffic (Radio Edit)
length1 = 2:55
title2 = Traffic (Original Mix)
length2 = 6:59
title3 = Traffic (Max Walder Remix)
length3 = 7:35
title4 = Traffic (DJ Montana 12" Edit)
length4 = 7:41
title5 = Love Comes Again (Radio Edit)
length5 = 3:16
title6 = Love Comes Again (Mark Norman Remix)
length6 = 7:23
title7 = Lethal Industry (DJ Richard & Johnny Bass Remix)
length7 = 6:39

collapsed = yes
headline = Limited Edition DVD Kontor Records
all_writing =
title1 = Nyana (video)
length1 = ?
title2 = Traffic
length2 = ?
title3 = Love Comes Again (video)
length3 = ?
title4 = Interview & Photos
length4 = ?
title5 = Traffic (DJ Montana Full Length Edit)
length5 = 7:47

collapsed = yes
headline = Limited Edition Dance Planet
all_writing =
title1 = Love Comes Again (video)
length1 = 3:23
title2 = Traffic (video)
length2 = 2:58


* "A Tear In The Open" vocal samples from "Vocal Planet" by Spectrasonics. [cite web|url=http://www.discogs.com/release/261325|title=Track samples, composers, producers and vocalists]
* "Forever Today" Composer(s): Geert Huinink & Daniël Stewart
* "Love Comes Again" Producer(s): BT
** BT appears courtesy of Binary Acoustics.
* "Traffic" samples from "Psykofuk" by Sean Deason.
* "Sweet Misery" Composer(s): Dan Muckala, Joanne Lloyd & Jon Ingoldby
* "UR" Composer(s): Matt Hales, Michael Scherchen & Naomi Striemer
** Aqualung appears courtesy of First Column Management.
* "Walking On Clouds" Producer(s): Josh Gabriel & Kirsty Hawkshaw
** Josh Gabriel appears courtesy of Nettwerk Management and Kirsty Hawkshaw appears courtesy of Impro Management.
* "A Tear In The Open" Composer(s): Geert Huinink & Daniël Stewart
* "Just Be" Composer(s): Judie Tzuke, James Wiltshire & Kirsty Hawkshaw
* "Adagio for Strings" Composer(s): Samuel Barber


The album begins with "Forever Today" which is composed of soft sounds of strings which includes a strong bassline later in the song. Its second track, featuring Brian Transeau, is the second single from the album "Love Comes Again". The song uses latin percussion sounds which are followed by BT's vocals. The third track is the uplifting "Traffic". Then he introduces his first work with Joanne Lloyd, titled "Sweet Misery", it is a chill out track with dark vocals and flowing synth lines, it is an unexpected break from the usually expected sounds of Tiësto. He continues by performing the title track of his previous album compilation "Nyana".

Tiësto's first down tempo track in the album, "UR" features vocals of Matt Hales from Aqualung and was remixed by Junkie XL and released as a single with "A Tear In The Open" as its B-side. Another down tempo track in which Tiësto collaborated along half of Gabriel & Dresden, Josh Gabriel in "Walking on Clouds" and Kirsty Hawkshaw's vocals, the song was also released as an instrumental version. "A Tear In The Open" is played in track eight and was composed by Tiësto, Geert Huinink and Daniël Stewart. The title track "Just Be" features Hawkshaw again and became a successful song as it was included in Gabriel & Dresden's "". Then the final track of the album, "Adagio for Strings" begins with a hard pounding bassline which builds up until the heavenly melodic breakdown rises. The soft and charming sounds of Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings" has been featured in movies such as Platoon and on William Orbit's "Pieces in a Modern Style" album a couple of years back and is the perfect track to be covered by Tiesto. [cite web|url=http://dancemusic.about.com/od/reviews/fr/TiestoJustBe.htm|title=About Just Be]

Music Videos

* "Love Comes Again"
* "Traffic"
* "Nyana"
* "Just Be"
* "Adagio for Strings"



Just Be: Train Tour

The Just Be: Train Tour is a Tiësto tour in support of his album Just Be. The event began in Breda, on Thursday, May 20, Ascension Day; Tiësto was honored by the mayor of The Hague as an officer of the Royal-Nassau. [cite web|url=http://www.365mag.com/index.php?pg=evrw&recnum=619|title=365 Magazine] At 11:00 AM, everyone is on board and Tiësto's special train leaves from platform 1 to the first stop, Eindhoven. He is driven by a car with blacked out windows and escorted by two policemen on motorbikes, then he arrives at a stage built on a huge trailer of a truck housing with a huge sound system. Disc jockey Barry Paff from Radio 538 is says Tiësto will be there in five minutes. He finally appeared on stage and began spinning Traffic, followed by his first single from Just Be, Love Comes Again. He finishes his presentation and goes back to the train station toward his next stop in Utrecht. Utrecht is a small town for press purposes only, no one thought that he would play in there, but some people began to gather, as if the rumors were being spread, even though people started to realize about what was going on, Tiësto still played. Then he went back to the station to his final destination, Amsterdam. Some parts of the train were mini-discos complete with a bar and a sound system while others were relaxing zones to sit down and chat with other fans. Amsterdam is also the location for the last promotional stop and the official release party which will take place later that same night at the Heineken Music Hall. It's a venue that was nominated for the highest prize in the concert industry for the third consecutive time that year. Tiësto hosts his official release party which featured a set along with a special live PA by Kirsty Hawkshaw, and support from Black Hole Recordings' deejay's Cor Fijneman, Ton T.B., Mark Norman, Montana and Le Blanc. [cite web|url=http://www.365mag.com/index.php?pg=evrw&recnum=620|title=Just Be: Train Tour]

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