Minor Badgers in Redwall

Minor Badgers in Redwall

In the Redwall series by Brian Jacques, there are numerous badger characters. Most of them fall under the category of Badger Lord or Badger Mother, but there are a few who do not and some of those who do are rather minor to the story.

Minor Badgers


Rowanoak was a female badger and member of the Rambling Rosehip Players. Serving as cart puller and baritoness, she fought alongside her troupe and various others in the battle against Badrang the Tyrant and Tramun Clogg. Rowanoak became friends with Martin the Warrior, but later parted ways with him to live in Noonvale. She was voiced by Angela Heslop in the full-cast audiobook.


The mate of Bella of Brockhall, Barkstripe was the father of Sunflash the Mace. Barkstripe came to dwell in Mossflower with Bella after the wanderings of their youth, taking charge from Bella's father Boar the Fighter. However, Barkstripe's peaceful reign ended when Verdauga Greeneyes came and took over the castle of Kotir and the surrounding territory. Barkstripe led a band of resistance fighters against the wildcat, but being more farmer than warrior, was killed.

Barkstripe later appeared to Sunflash in a vision with Boar and Lord Brocktree, preventing Sunflash from passing through the gates of the Dark Forest. He told Sunflash that his time was not done, and he needed to take up the mantle of his forefathers and become Badger Lord of Salamandastron.


Grandmother of Badger Lords Urthstripe the Strong and Urthwyte the Mighty, Loambudd was a fierce fighting badger in her youth. Loambudd was off on an errand when her son and daughter-in-law were killed by Ferahgo the Assassin. Upon returning to the home she shared with them, she found them dead and young Urthstripe missing. Taking charge of baby Urthwyte, she traveled far and wide, before finally settling on an island set on a massive lake with Urthwyte and an ancient squirrel. She was voiced by Beth Cassidy in the full-cast audiobook.

Loambudd's exile ended when Mara, adoptive daughter of Urthstripe, came to the island with a band of Guossom shrews seeking an artifact that the simple Urthwyte had taken long before. Upon learning of her grandson's continued existence, and the fact that he was menaced by Ferahgo, Loambudd joined Urthwyte and Mara as they journeyed to Salamandastron. Despite their assistance, Urthstripe was killed by Ferahgo. Loambudd, recovering a badger medallion that had belonged to her son from the corpse of Ferahgo, placed it about Urthwyte's neck. In the final battle with Ferahgo and his horde the years slipped from Loambudd as her old self rekindled and she fought tooth and claw with such ferocity that matched any badger ruler of Salamandastron.

Loambudd stayed at Salamandastron the rest of her days, being the only one who could instruct Urthwyte in the ways of the Badger Lord.


An ancient and shriveled badger, Grawn was the guardian and friend of Lonna Bowstripe. Grawn educated Lonna in the ways of the bowbeast, and also told the young badger of his Seer talents. When Lonna was fully grown, he and Grawn set out on a journey for Salamandastron, where Grawn planned to live out the rest of his days in comfort. Unfortunately, their plans were shattered when they were attacked in the night by Raga Bol's forces.

Grawn was killed in the ensuing battle, and Lonna grievously wounded. Fortunately for the two, they were found by a local group of sea otters. The group nursed Lonna back to health, and buried Grawn under a mound of stones, with Lonna's original bow-shattered in the fight-as a marker. Lonna went on to avenge his death, slaying those who had killed the father-like old badger, and then completed the journey they had set out on, becoming Lord of Salamandastron.

Melutar the Tabura

Younger brother to Lord Asheye of Salamandastron, Melutar was gentler and less violent than his brother, preferring peaceful meditation to battle. Becoming a master of physical and mental discipline among other talents-such as being a skillful composer-he ended up becoming a Tabura, the badger term for a wise and peaceful creature. His post led to his separation from his brother, and the two soon lost track of each other, each coming to think the other dead.

The Tabura came upon a young badgermaid held captive by a vermin band in his travels, and slew the entire band to rescue her, an experience that despite its righteous cause pained him. He named the maid Salixa, meaning "the slender willow tree", and took her in as his ward, teaching her the arts of healing. Eventually, the two came to Mossflower Woods, where they met the future Badger Lord Gorath the Flame. the Tabura placed him together with Salixa, recognizing their mutual interest and sensing that their fates were intertwined. The Tabura then became the Healer of Redwall Abbey, filling the position left vacant by an act of both theft and murder. He would later be reunited with his brother Asheye, who learned of the Tabura's existence from Gorath and Salixa when they came to the mountain. Afterwards, the two lived out their seasons at Redwall, becoming the adopted grandfathers and teachers of Rowanbloom, Gorath and Salixa's daughter.

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