Pat or PAT may refer to:
* Pat Condell, comedian
* Pat McAfee, American football player
* Pat Nixon, former First Lady of the United States
* Pat Sajak, the host of the current US Wheel of Fortune
* Pat White (football player), American football player
* Pitch Axis Theory, in music the theory that each mode has related chords over which it should be used
* Page Allocation Table
* Program Association Table, in MPEGs
* Pat (Saturday Night Live), a fictional character from "Saturday Night Live"
* PAT A.I., in Artificial Intelligence
* Port address translation (PAT), in computer terms
* Pat’s Garage
* Pat, Hungary, a village in Zala county, Hungary
* Process Analytical Technology, in the pharmaceutical industry
* The Port Authority Transit system of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
* Point After Touchdown (Extra point) in American football
* Portable Appliance Test, a UK electrical safety test
* Postman Pat, the children's TV character
* Provisional A-Team, an elite group of academics
* IATA code for Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport, Patna, India
* *.PAT, the instrument patch file format for the Gravis Ultrasound sound card.

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