Ling may refer to:
* Several species of fish:
** Burbot, "Lota lota".
** Blue ling, "Molva dypterygia".
** Cobia, "Rachycentron canadum".
** Common ling, "Molva molva".
** Pink cusk-eel, "Genypterus blacodes".
** Red hake, "Urophycis chuss".
* A Chinese synonym of Water caltrop (菱).
* A synonym of heather, "Calluna vulgaris". [cite web | url = | title = ling]
* Ling (TCM), a traditional Chinese medicine concept of shamanic power and spirituality.
* Ling, the legendary Kingdom, ruled by king Gesar, in Mongol-Tibetan myth.
* Pehr Henrik Ling Swedish medical-gymnastic practitioner.
* David Ling Professional ice hockey player.
* An English surname.
* A German surname.
* Another form of the Hinduism-related word lingam.
* An abbreviation of the word linguistics.
* A short slang term of the word Zergling in the game StarCraft.
* A Chinese surname.
* -ling, an English diminutive suffix.
* The Ling, a spoken language derived from abbreviating words.
* Ling-Ling, a character on the animated series "Drawn Together".
* Ling Bouvier, a fictional character from "The Simpsons".
* Ling Woo, a fictional character from "Ally McBeal".
* Ling Xiaoyu, a fictional character from the Tekken series.
* Ling (James Bond), a fictional character from the James Bond film You Only Live Twice.
* Martin Ling Leyton Orient Manager 2007
* Cameron Ling Australian Rules Football player.
* "Ling" is the romanized rendering of the Tibetan term for "monastery" refer: List of Tibetan monasteries

*See also Linga (disambiguation)
* See also all pages beginning with "Ling": "."


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