Vach is a district in town of Fürth, Germany since 1972. It is mentioned documentarily first in 1059. The village is located between the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal and the Regnitz, in which the Zenn and more northern the Michaelbach flows. The flood plain of Regnitz and Zenn is displayed as landscape conservation area.


The station "Vach Bahnhof" is regular stop on the railway line between Fürth and Erlangen, but it is located far away from the district Vach in the district of Stadeln. Vach is also reachable by the motorway A73; from the north by the slip road "Eltersdorf" and from the south by the slip road "Ronhof".


Church, rectory and the "Kantorat" are a beautiful esemble of monuments. The church with its western tower and its drawn-in choir with a wind-tower per eastern corner date from the Gothic Age. Nave and choir were supposably built in 1442, when Vach was advanced to a parish. The western tower with three floors was added a bit later.

A special feature is the Ginkgo in the garden of the rectory, which is isn't open to the public.

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