Volcano (supergroup)

Volcano (supergroup)

Volcano was a supergroup band, formed by Meat Puppets frontman Curt Kirkwood and Sublime drummer Bud Gaugh after the breakup of Eyes Adrift. They released one self-titled studio album in 2004.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Kirkwood said: " [The producer] says it sounds a lot like Eighties, SST-era, Up On the Sun Meat Puppets. But there's more bouncy rhythms -- we do a lot more stuff that was inspired by the Selecter, the Specials and Bob Marley." [ [http://www.rollingstone.com/artists/meatpuppets/articles/story/6214296/curt_kirkwoods_new_meat Curt Kirkwood's New Meat] , Rolling Stone, June 28, 2004. accessed July 12, 2007]

Kirkwood wanted to name the band "Pine Cone", but was outvoted by other group members. [ [http://www.chartnet.com/damn/2006/07/1413.cfm Curt Kirkwood Rambles On, And Along, Alone And With The Meat Puppets] , Chart Attack, Friday July 14, 2006. accessed July 19, 2007]

The album is currently out of print.

----Infobox Album | Name = Volcano
Type = Album
Artist = Volcano

Released =
Recorded =
Genre = Alternative
Length = 13 at 44:31
Label = Skunk Records
Producer = Miguel (Michael Happoldt)
Reviews = * Trouser Press (favorable) [http://www.trouserpress.com/entry.php?a=eyes_adrift link]
Last album =
This album =
Next album = |

"Volcano" was released in 2004.

Track listing

# "Pine Cone" - 3:38
# "Twisted Seeds" - 3:25
# "Love Mine" - 3:35
# "It Don't Matter" - 2:23
# "Run Aground" - 3:10
# "Blown Away" - 2:12
# "Rave Only" - 3:58
# "Some Kind of Light" - 3:46
# "Arrow" - 2:51
# "Million" - 4:01
# "Volcano" - 3:47
# "Greenery" - 4:46
# "Lonesome Ghost" - 2:59


*Guitar/Vox - Curt Kirkwood
*Guitar/Backup Vox - "Mike Stand" (pseudonym for Michael Happoldt)
*Bass - Jon Poutney
*Drums - Bud Gaugh


External links

* [http://www.skunk.com/volcano Official Site]

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