Troy (disambiguation)

Troy (disambiguation)

Troy is the legendary city described in Homer's "Iliad"

Troy may also refer to:


*The Troy weight, a system of measurements for weight and mass commonly used in describing the "size" of precious metals and gemstones


Troy is a Celtic name meaning either a "River" or "Warrior" or "Footsoldier".


*Michael Troy (born 1940), American butterfly swimmer

Given name

*Lil' Troy, an American rapper
*Troy Aikman, NFL quarterback
*Troy Brown, wide receiver for the New England Patriots
*Troy Donahue, an American actor and teen idol who died in 2001
*Troy Glaus, third baseman for the Los Angeles Angels
*Troy King, Alabama Attorney General
*Troy McLawhorn, guitarist of Dark New Day, currently touring with Evanescence
*Troy Polamalu, strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers
*Troy Sanders, singer and bassist of progressive metal band Mastodon
*Troy Smith, quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes and 2006 Heisman Trophy winner
*Troy Tanner, American volleyball player
*Troy Tulowitzki, baseball player for the Colorado Rockies

Fictional characters

*Troy Bolton, fictional character from "High School Musical"
*Troy McClure, a retired fictional actor on the "The Simpsons"
*Christian Troy, a fictional character from the television medical drama "Nip/Tuck"
*Donna Troy, the civilian identity of the original Wonder Girl from DC Comics
*Sergeant Troy, a character in "Far From the Madding Crowd", a novel by Thomas Hardy
*Deanna Troi, fictional character in the Star Trek universe
*Lwaxana Troi, fictional character in the television series' Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Film, literature, and music

*"Troy" (film), a 2004 epic movie based on Homer's Iliad, starring Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Diane Kruger, and Orlando Bloom, directed by Wolfgang Petersen
*Troy Series, a trilogy of books by David Gemmell
*"Troy" (novel), a young adult novel written by Adéle Geras, based on the Iliad
*Troy (song), a song by Sinéad O'Connor from her 1987 album "The Lion and the Cobra"
*"They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)", a classic rap song by Pete Rock and CL Smooth from the album "Mecca and the Soul Brother"


*Troy (horse), a British Thoroughbred racehorse
*Troy Trojans, Troy University's sports teams
*Troy Trojans (MLB team), a defunct professional baseball team



*Troy, Nova Scotia


*Troy Town (or "Troy", "Troy-Town", "Troy's Walls", "The Walls of Troy"), traditional name for some turf mazes in England
*"Troy town", the name given to Fowey, Cornwall, by the writer and scholar Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch in many of his books

United States

*Troy, Alabama
**Troy University
*Troy, Idaho
*Troy, Illinois
*Troy, Indiana
*Troy, Kansas
*Troy, Maine
*Troy, Michigan
*Troy, Missouri
*Troy, Montana
*Troy, New Hampshire
*Troy, New York
*Troy, North Carolina
*Troy, Ohio
*Troy, Pennsylvania
*Troy, South Carolina
*Troy, Tennessee
*Troy, Texas
*Troy, Vermont
*Troy, Wisconsin
*Troy Township, Michigan
*Troy Township, Minnesota
*Troy Township, Pennsylvania
*Troy High School - any of several high schools in the United States


*Troy (submarine), a small submarine in the shape of a Great White Shark
* Troy class boats, unique to Fowey in Cornwall and raced competitively; 26 have been built since 1929

ee also

*Ilion (disambiguation)

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