The term wedge can refer to any of the following things:

Physical Objects:
* Wedge (mechanical device), a simple machine used to separate two objects, or portions of objects, through the application of force
* Wedge (golf), a specialized type of club used at short ranges
* A foldback (sound engineering) wedge, or monitor wedge, used in bathtubs
* Wedge (shoes), A type of shoe.
* Wedge (hat) A type of hat used by some military orginizations
* A name for a submarine sandwich in Westchester and Putnam Counties, New York, USA & Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA
* A range of sports cars from British manufacturers TVR

* Wedge Island (disambiguation)

Natural phenomena:
* Wedge tornado, a tornado similar in shape to the mechanical device
* A form of cold air damming, a weather phenomenon
* Wedge pressure, the blood pressure measured in a pulmonary artery

Abstract concepts:
* Wedge (geometry), a polyhedral solid defined by two triangles and three trapezoid faces
* Wedge product, a mathematical term related to the exterior algebra (or the Grassmann algebra) of a vector, named for the operator symbol used
* Wedge sum, in mathematics, a "one-point union" of a family of topological spaces
* Wedge issue, in politics, a divisive issue used to split the support base of an opposing political group
* Wedge strategy, a Creationist political action plan
* In phonetics, a name for the International Phonetic Alphabet symbol ʌ, representing the open-mid back unrounded vowel
* Stabilization Wedge Game, in climatology, a concept developed to demonstrate that global warming is a problem which can be solved by implementing today's technologies to reduce CO2 emissions

* Wedge Card, a social enterprise started by the founder of "The Big Issue", John Bird, to promote local business, shops and communities.
* Wedge Community Co-op, a cooperative grocery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.
* Wedge Records, a record label

People and characters:
* Wedge (Transformers), an Autobot, leader of the Build Team in the "Transformers: Robots in Disguise" toy line
* A poker champion
* Wedge Antilles, a fictional character in the "Star Wars" films.
* A recurring character in the "Final Fantasy" video game series: see Biggs and Wedge
* Eric Wedge, manager of the Cleveland Indians

See also

* Wedgie

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