The FrickCam, or Frick Cam, was one of the first web cams. It was launched in May of 1996 by Jennifer Frickell. She would post several photos a month, usually of herself, with a caption about the day so far. In short time, she became well-known on the internet and even appeared on Internet Tonight in 1999.

The Frick Cam - "old" and "new" versions - is still available but updated very rarely, with only five postings in 2005. In early 2006, only the message "hi! there was a temporary loss of data and i'm too busy to mess with it at this time." appeared.

It was originally known as the JenCam. However, she changed the name due to mistaken traffic brought by the infamous JenniCam, which also started up around the same time.

As of August, 2006 the Frick Cam seems to have experienced some technical difficulties and a placeholder page was put up until further notice.

In early 2007, the site was apparently given some attention by Jen. The site now leads with the heading:

"Welcome to This version created 7-JUL-06 (Resurrected 19-MAY-07)"
It now hosts what looks to be an HTML version of the game Zork, but cleverly hides some new info including:

There is no hope for you!

Just kidding. This is a super ultra basic lazy-ass site that was entertaining to poke around with until I was distracted by something shiny and this is what happened.

Not much to it but to use the links near the "command:" line--at least until you discover the secret treasures of the hidden fantastical archives.

(Psst, didn't you read the memo?)

And written in a memo:


Welcome to! is a site of adventure, danger, and low cunning. In it you will explore some of the most amazing HTML ever seen by mortal man. Hardened internet adventurers have run screaming from the terrors contained within.

In, the intrepid explorer delves into the forgotten secrets of a lost website deep in the bowels of an old company, searching for old webcam pics long hidden from prying eyes, biting commentary guarded by fearsome monsters and diabolical links!

No VI-edited site should be without one! was created by Jen Frickell. It was inspired by the text adventure game called Zork. There are a few versions available on the internet now:

- (java version)- (php web version)- (downloadable versions)

Also see for more information.

Have fun.

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* [ FrickCam Image page]
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