Milo II of Montlhéry

Milo II of Montlhéry

Milo II of Montlhéry (died 1118) was lord of Bray and Montlhéry, and viscount of Troyes. He was the son of Milo I the Great and Lithuise of Blois, and younger brother of Guy II of Montlhéry.

He initially held the lordship of Bray-sur-Seine, in Champagne. In 1105, he attacked his brother's castle of Montlhéry, where his cousin Lucienne de Rochefort, fiancée of Louis VI of France, lived. He invested the castle, but could not succeed in capturing the donjon. Louis VI soon arrived to relieve the siege, and Milo was obliged to retire.

On the death of his brother, both he and his cousin Hugh of Crecy asserted their rights to the lordship. Louis VI allotted it to Milo, who in 1113 revolted against him with Thibaut IV of Blois. In 1118 Hugh took revenge for his loss of Montlhéry by having Milo assassinated; Louis VI then made Montlhéry part of the royal domain of France.

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