Æthelberht II of East Anglia

Æthelberht II of East Anglia

Infobox Saint
name=Æthelberht of East Anglia
death_date=20 May 794
feast_day=20 May

caption=Obverse of a coin depicting King Æthelberht
death_place=Sutton Wells, Herefordshire
titles=King of East Anglia
major_shrine=Hereford Cathedral

Æthelberht (died May 20, 794 at Sutton Walls, Herefordshire) was king of East Anglia. His reign may have begun in 779 - the date provided for the beginning of his reign on the uncertain authority of a much later saint's life. He was put to death by Offa of Mercia under unclear circumstances. His death lead to a domination of East Anglia by Mercia; Mercian kings ruled over East Anglia for thirty of the thirty-two years after Æthelberht's demise. Æthelberht has also been canonized and is the subject of a series of "vitae" dating from the eleventh century onwards. The Church of England cathedral at Hereford is dedicated to him.



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