List of butterflies of India (Lycaenidae)

List of butterflies of India (Lycaenidae)

This is a list of the butterflies of India belonging to the family Lycaenidae and an index to the species articles. This forms part of the full list of butterflies of India.

This list is based on Evans (1932) and includes 318 species belonging to 76-128 genera depending on taxonomy.


ubfamily Poritiinae

Genus "Poritia " Moore, 1866 - The Gems

* Blue Gem "Poritia erycinoides" (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1865)Marrku Savela's Website on Lepidoptera. Page on genus [ "Poritia"] .] [ Card for species "erycinoides" in LepIndex. Accessed 04 December 2006.] ]
* Common Gem "Poritia hewitsoni" Moore, 1865 [ Card for species "hewitsoni" in LepIndex. Accessed 04 December 2006.] ]
* Green Gem "Poritia pleurata" Hewitson, 1874 [ Card for species "pleurata" in LepIndex. Accessed 05 December 2006.] ]
* "Poritia phama" Druce, 1895Card for [ "Poritia phama"] in LepIndex. Accessed 03 October 2007.]

Genus "Simiskina" Distant, 1886 - The Brilliants

* Broad-Banded Brilliant "Simiskina phalena" (Hewitson, 1874) (article "Poritia phalena" as per LepIndexCard for species [ "phalena"] in LepIndex. Accessed 03 October 2007.] )

ubfamily Miletinae

Genus "Miletus" Hübner, 1819 - The Brownies

* Bigg's Brownie "Miletus biggsii" (Distant, 1884)Marrku Savela's Website on Lepidoptera. Page on genus [ "Miletus"] .] [ Card for species "biggsii" in LepIndex. Accessed 05 December 2006.] ]
* Common Brownie "Miletus boisduvali" Moore, 1857 [ Card for species "boisduvali" in LepIndex. Accessed 05 December 2006.] ]
* Common Brownie "Miletus chinensis" C. Felder, 1862
* Long's Brownie "Miletus longeana" (De Nicéville, 1898) [ Card for species "longeana" in LepIndex. Accessed 05 December 2006.] ]
* Great Brownie "Miletus symethus" (Cramer, 1777)Card for [ "symethus"] in LepIndex. Accessed 02 October 2007.]

Genus "Allotinus" C. & R. Felder, 1865 - The Darkies

* Angled Darkie "Allotinus fabius" (Distant, 1887). Marrku Savela's Website on Lepidoptera. Page on genus [ "Allotinus"] .] [ Card for "fabius" in LepIndex. Accessed 31 December 2006.] ]
* Blue Darkie "Allotinus subviolaceus" Felder 1865. [ Card for species "subviolaceus" in LepIndex. Accessed 23 March 2007] ]
* Great Darkie "Allotinus multistrigatus" De Nicéville, 1886. [ Card for species "multistrigatus" in LepIndex. Accessed 23 March 2007.] ] '(Note:To be merged with "Miletographa drumila" to create "A. drumila").

Genus "Paragerydus" - The Common Darkie

* "Paragerydus horsfieldii" (Moore, 1857). Common Darkie, previously "Allotinus horsfieldii" Frühstorfer (L4.3).

Genus "Miletographa" - The Darkies

* "Miletographa drumila" (Moore, 1865) Crenulate Darkie, earlier "Allotinus drumila" Moore (L4.1).

Genus "Logania" - The Mottles

* "Logania watsoniana" De Nicéville, 1898. Watson's Mottle (L5.1).
* "Logania distanti" Semper, 1891 = "Logania massalia" Doherty, 1891. Dark Mottle (L5.2).

Genus "Spalgis" - The Apefly

* "Spalgis epius" (Westwood, 1851). Apefly (L6.1).

Genus "Taraka" - The Forest Pierrot

* "Taraka hamada" Druce, 1875. Forest Pierrot (L7.1).

Other subfamilies

Genus "Talicada" - The Red Pierrot

* "Talicada nyseus" Guérin, 1843. Red Pierrot (L8.1)

Genus "Castalius" - The Common Pierrot

* "Castalius rosimon" Fabricius, 1775. Common Pierrot (L9.1)
* "Castalius ananda" DeNicéville, 1884. Dark Pierrot, previously "Tarucus ananda" De Nicéville (L10.1).

Genus "Caleta" - The Angled Pierrot

* "Caleta caleta" (Hewitson, 1876). Angled Pierrot, earlier "Castalius caleta" Moore (L9.2).

Genus "Discolampa" - The Banded Blue Pierrot

* "Discolampa ethion" Westwood, 1851. Banded Blue Pierrot, earlier "Castalius ethion" Doubleday & Hewitson (L9.3).

Genus "Pycnophallium" - The Pierrots

* "Pycnophallium elna" (Hewitson, 1876). Elbowed Pierrot, earlier "Castalius elna" Frühstorfer. (L9.4). Also classified as "Caleta elna".
* "Pycnophallium roxus" (Godart, 1823). Straight Pierrot, earlier "Castalius roxus" Godart (L9.5). Also classified as "Caleta roxus".

Genus "Tarucus" - The Blue Pierrots

* "Tarucus dharta" Bethune-Baker, 1918. Assam Pierrot (L10.2).
* "Tarucus venosus" Moore, 1882 Himalayan Pierrot. (L10.3).
* "Tarucus callinara" Butler, 1886. Spotted Pierrot (L10.4).
* "Tarucus theophrastus" Fabricius, 1793. Pointed Pierrot (L10.5).
* "Tarucus extricatus" Butler, 1886. Rounded Pierrot (L10.6).
* "Tarucus alteratus" Moore, 1882. Rusty Pierrot (L10.7).
* "Tarucus nigra" Bethune-Baker, 1918. Spotted Pierrot (L10.8).
* "Tarucus nara" Kollar, 1848. Striped Pierrot (L10.9).
* "Tarucus indica" Evans, 1932. Indian Pierrot
* "Tarucus balkanicus" (Freyer, 1845). Balkan Pierrot

Genus "Syntarucus" - The Zebra Blue

* "Syntarucus plinius" (Fabricius, 1793). Zebra Blue (L11.1) (synonyms "Leptotus plinius, "Tarucus plinius).

Genus "Azanus" - The Babul Blues

* "Azanus ubaldus" Cramer, 1782. Bright Babul Blue (L12.1).
* "Azanus uranus" Butler, 1886. Dull Babul Blue (L12.2).
* "Azanus urios" Riley & Godfrey, 1921. Siam Babul Blue (L12.3).
* "Azanus jesous" Guérin-Meneville, 1847. African Babul Blue (L12.4).

Genus "Niphanda" - The Pointed Pierrots

* "Niphanda cymbia" De Nicéville, 1884. Pointed Pierrot (L13.1).

Genus "Pithecops" - The Forest Quakers

* "Pithecops fulgens" Doherty, 1889. Blue Quaker (L14.1).
* "Pithecops hylax" Horsfield, 1828. Forest Quaker (L14.2).

Genus "Neopithecops" - The Quaker

* "Neopithecops zalmora" Butler 1870. Quaker (L15.1).

Genus "Elkayce" - The Tailed Cupids

* "Elkalyce argiades" (Pallas 1771). Tailed Cupid, earlier "Everes argiades" Evans (L16.1).
* "Elkalyce diporides" (Chapman 1909). Chapman's Cupid, earlier "Everes diporides" Chapman (L16.2)
* "Elkalyce kala" (De Nicéville, 1890). Black Cupid earlier "Everes kala" De Nicéville (L16.5).

Genus "Shijimia" - Moore's Cupid

* "Shijimia moorei" (Leech 1889). Moore's Cupid earlier "Everes moorei" Leech (L16.6).

Genus "Bothrinia" - The Hedge Cupid

* "Bothrinia chennelli" (De Nicéville, 1884) Hedge Cupid (L17.1).

Genus "Megisba" - The Malayan

* "Megisba malaya" (Horsfield, 1828) Malayan (H20.1, pg 220).

Genus "Lycaenopsis" - The Hedge Blues

* "Lycaenopsis minima" Evans, 1932. Tiny Hedge Blue (L19.5).
* "Lycaenopsis marginata" (De Nicéville, 1884). Margined Hedge Blue (L19.7).
* "Lycaenopsis transpectus" (Moore, 1879). White-banded Hedge Blue, previously "Lycaenopsis transpecta Moore (L19.8).

Genus "Celastrina" - The Hedge Blues

* "Celastrina melaena" (Doherty, 1889). Metallic Hedge Blue, previously "Lycaenopsis melaena" Rhe Phil (L19.4).
* "Celastrina albocoeruleus" (Moore, 1879). Albocerulean, previously "Lycaenopsis albocoerulea" Moore (L19.11).
* "Celastrina musina" (Snellen, 1892). Swinhoe's Hedge Blue, previously "Lycaenopsis musina" Swinhoe (L19.14).
* "Celastrina lavendularis" (Moore, 1877). Plain Hedge Blue, previously "Lycaenopsis lavendularis" Moore (L19.15).
* "Celastrina cardia" (Felder, 1860). Pale Hedge Blue, previously "Lycaenopsis cardia" Moore (L19.16).
* "Celastrina huegeli" (Moore, 1882). Large Hedge Blue, previously "Lycaenopsis huegelii" Moore (L19.18).
* "Celastrina ladonides" (De L'Orza, 1869). Silvery Hedge Blue, previously "Lycaenopsis ladonides" Hemming (L19.19).
* "Celastrina argiolus" (Linnaeus 1758). Hill Hedge Blue, previously "Lycaenopsis argiolus" Woodmason (L19.20).
* "Celastrina iynteana" (De Nicéville, 1883). Jyntea Hedge Blue, previously "Lycaenopsis jynteana" De Nicéville (L19.21).
* "Celastrina dipora" (Moore, 1865). Dusky Blue Cupid, previously "Everes dipora" Moore (L16.3).

Genus "Acytolepis" - The Hedge Blues

* "Acytolepis puspa" (Horsfield, 1828). Common Hedge Blue, previously "Lycaenopsis puspa" Toxopeus (L19.1).
* "Acytolepis lilacea" (Hampson, 1889). Hampson's Hedge Blue, "Lycaenopsis lilacea" Hampson (L19.2).

Genus "Oreolyce" - The Naga Hedge Blue

* "Oreolyce quadriplaga" (Snellen, 1892). Naga Hedge Blue, previously "Lycaenopsis quadriplaga" Tytler (L19.3).

Genus "Arletta" - The Dusky Hedge Blue

* "Arletta vardhana" (Moore, 1874). Dusky Hedge Blue, previously "Lycaenopsis vardhana" Moore (L19.9).

Genus "Akasinula" - The White Hedge Blue

* "Akasinula akasa" (Horsfield, 1828). White Hedge Blue, previously "Lycaenopsis akasa" Frühstorfer (L19.10).

Genus "Cyaniris" - The Hedge Blues

* "Cyaniris albidisca" Moore, 1883. Whitedisc Hedge Blue, previously "Lycaenopsis albidisca" Moore (L19.6).

Genus "Notarthinus" - Chapman's Hedge Blue

* "Notarthinus binghami" Chapman, 1908. Chapman's Hedge Blue, previously "Lycaenopsis binghami" Chapman (L19.17).

Genus "Polyommatus" - The Meadow Blues

* "Polyommatus singalensis" Moore, 1877. Singhalese Hedge Blue, previously "Lycaenopsis singalensis" Felder (L19.13).
* "Polyommatus loewii" Zeller, 1847. Large Jewel Blue (L20.4).
* "Polyommatus astrarche" Bergstrasser, 1779. Orange-bordered Argus (L20.5).
* "Polyommatus sarta" (Alphéraky, 1882). Brilliant Meadow Blue (L20.14).
* "Polyommatus eros" (Ochsenheimer, 1808). Common Meadow Blue (L20.16). Now doubtful. FUNET.

Genus "Udara" - The Hedge Blues

* "Udara dilecta" Moore, 1879. Prized Hedge Blue
* "Udara lanka" Moore, 1877. Ceylon Hedge Blue, previously "Lycaenopsis lanka" Moore and "Polyommatus lanka" (L19.12).

Genus "Phengaris" - The Great Spotted Blue

* "Phengaris atroguttata" (Oberthür 1876). Great Spotted Blue, previously "Polyommatus atroguttata" Oberthür (L20.1).

Genus "Pseudophilotes" - The Chequered Blue

* "Pseudophilotes vicrama" (Moore, 1865). Chequered Blue, previously "Polyommatus vicrama" Staudinger (L20.2).

Genus "Plebejus" - The Small Jewel Blue

* "Plebejus christophe" (Staudinger, 1874). Small Jewel Blue, previously "Polyommatus christophi" Butler (L20.3).

Genus "Albulina" - The Mountain Blues

* "Albulina pheretes" (Hübner, 1805). Mountain Blue, previously "Polyommatus pheretes" Moore (L20.7).
* "Albulina asiatica" (Elwes, 1882). Azure Mountain Blue, previously "Polyommatus asiatica" Elwes (L20.8).
* "Albulina omphisa"Moore, 1884. Dusky Green Underwing, previously "Polyommatus omphisa" (L20.10).

Genus "Tiora" - Dusky Meadow Blue

* "Tiora devanica" (Moore, 1874). Dusky Meadow Blue, previously "Polyommatus devanica" Moore (L20.15).

Genus "Chilades" - The Lime Blue

* "Chilades laius" (Cramer, 1782). Lime Blue (L21.1).
* "Chilades parrhasius" (Fabricius, 1793). Indian Cupid, previously "Everes parrhasius" Fabricius (L16.4).
* "Chilades contracta" (Butler 1880). Small Cupid, previously "Euchrysops contracta" Butler (L23.2).

Genus "Zizeeria" - The Grass Blues

* "Zizeeria lysimon" (Hübner, 1798-1803). Dark Grass Blue (L22.3).
* "Zizeeria otis" (Fabricius, 1787). Lesser Grass Blue (L22.5).

Genus "Pseudozizeeria" - The Pale Grass Blue

* "Pseudozizeeria maha" (Kollar, 1848). Pale Grass Blue, previously "Zizeeria maha" Kollar (L22.2).

Genus "Zizula" - The Tiny Grass Blue

* "Zizula gaika" (Trimen, 1862). Tiny Grass Blue, previously "Zizula gaika" Trimen; synonym "Zizula hylax" (Fabricius 1775) (now suppressed) (L22.4).

Genus "Freyeria" - The Grass Jewel

* "Freyeria trochylus" (Freyer, 1845). Grass Jewel, previously "Zizeeria trochilus" Freyer (L22.1).

Genus "Euchrysops" - The Gram Blues

* "Euchrysops cnejus" (Fabricius, 1798). Gram Blue (L23.1).

Genus "Edales" - The Plains Cupid

* "Edales pandava" (Horsfield, 1829). Plains Cupid, previously "Euchrysops pandava" Horsfield (L23.3).

Genus "Anthene" - The Ciliate Blues

* "Anthene emolus" (Godart, 1823). Ciliate Blue, previously "Lycaenesthes emolus" Godart (L24.1).
* "Anthene lycaenina" (C. Felder, 1868). Pointed Ciliate Blue, previously "Lycaenesthes lycaenina" Felder (L24.2).

Genus "Catachrysops" - The Forgetmenots

* "Catachrysops strabo" (Fabricius, 1793). Forgetmenot (L25.1).
* "Catachrysops lithargyria" Doherty, 1891. Silver Forgetmenot (L25.2).
* "Catachrysops panormus" (C. Felder, 1860). Silver Forget-me-not.

Genus "Lampides" - The Ceruleans and the Peablue

* "Lampides boeticus" (Linnaeus, 1767). Peablue (L26.1).
* "Lampides lacteata" De Nicéville, 1895. Milky Cerulean, previously "Jamides lacteata" De Nicéville (L27.4).
* "Lampides kankena" (Felder 1862). Glistening Cerulean, previously "Jamides kankena" Felder (L27.6).

Genus "Jamides" - The Ceruleans

* "Jamides bochus" Stoll, 1782. Dark Cerulean (L27.1).
* "Jamides cleodus" (Felder, 1865). White Cerulean (L27.2).
* "Jamides celeno" (Cramer, 1775). Common Cerulean (L27.3).
* "Jamides ferrari" Evans, 1932. Ferrar's Cerulean (L27.5).
* "Jamides alecto" (Felder, 1860). Metallic Cerulean (L27.7).
* "Jamides caerulea" (Druce, 1873). Royal Cerulean, previously "Jamides coerulea" Druce (L27.8).

Genus "Orthomiella" - The Straightwing Blue

* "Orthomiella pontis" (Elwes, 1887). Straightwing Blue (L28.1).

Genus "Una" - The Una

* "Una usta" (Distant", 1886). Una (L29.1).

Genus "Nacaduba" - The Lineblues

* "Nacaduba angusta" (Druce, 1873). White Lineblue (L30.1).
* "Nacaduba pactolus" (Felder, 1860). Large Four-line Blue (L30.2).
* "Nacaduba hermus" (Felder 1860). Pale Four-line Blue (L30.3).
* "Nacaduba pavana" (Horsfield, 1828). Small Four-line Blue (L30.5).
* "Nacaduba helicon" Felder (no date). Pointed Lineblue (L30.7).
* "Nacaduba kurava" (Moore, 1857). Transparent Six-line Blue (L30.8).
* "Nacaduba beroe" (Felder & Felder, 1865). Opaque Six-line Blue (L30.9).
* "Nacaduba berenice" (Herrich-Schäffer, 1869). Rounded Six-line Blue (L30.10).
* "Nacaduba bhutea" De Nicéville. Bhutya Lineblue (L30.12) no entry in LepIndex.
* "Nacaduba calauria" (C. Felder, 1860). Dark Ceylon Six-line Blue.

Genus "Catapyrops" - Felder's Lineblue

* "Catapyrops ancyra" (Felder, 1860). Felder's Lineblue, previously "Nacaduba ancyra" Elwes (L30.6).

Genus "Prosotas" - The Lineblues

* "Prosotas aluta" (Druce, 1873). 'Banded Lineblue, previously "Nacaduba aluta", "Nacaduba nora" (L30.11).
* "Prosotas nora" (Felder, 1860). Common Lineblue, previously "Nacaduba nora" Felder (L30.13).
* "Prosotas dubiosa" (Semper, 1879). Tailless Lineblue, previously "Nacaduba dubiosa" Evans (L30.14).
* "Prosotas noreia" (Felder, 1868). White-tipped Lineblue, previously "Nacaduba noreia" Felder (L30.15).
* "Prosotas dilata" (Evans, 1932). previously "Nacaduba dilata" Evans.
* "Prosotas pia" Toxopeus, 1929. (From FUNET site)
* "Prosotas bhutea" (de Nicéville, 1884). Bhutya Lineblue. Sikkim - Assam, Karens, Yunnan. Earlier "Nacaduba bhutea" (L30.12). (From FUNET site)
* "Prosotas lutea" (Martin, 1895). (From FUNET site)

Genus "Petrelea" - The Dingy Lineblue

* "Petrelea dana" (De Nicéville, 1884). Dingy Lineblue, previously "Nacaduba dana" De Nicéville (L30.16).

Genus "Lycaena" - The Coppers

* "Lycaena pavana" "Kollar", 1848. White-bordered Copper (L31.1).
* "Lycaena phlaeas" (Linnaeus, 1761). Common Copper (L31.2).
* "Lycaena thetis" "Klug", 1834. Golden Copper (L31.3).
* "Lycaena kasyapa" (Moore, 1865). Green Copper (L31.4)
* "Lycaena semiargus" Stauder, 1923. Chumbi Argus, previously "Polyommatus semiargus" Elwes (L20.6).
* "Lycaena metallica" Felder & Felder, 1865. Small Green Underwing, previously "Polyommatus metallica" Tytler (L20.11).
* "Lycaena galathea" Blanchard, 1844. Large Green Underwing, previously "Polyommatus galathea" Evans (L20.12).
* "Lycaena orbitulus" (Esper, 1800). Greenish Mountain Blue, previously "Polyommatus orbitulus" Evans (L20.13).
* "Lycaena younghusbandi" Elwes, 1906. Chumbi Green Underwing, previously "Polyommatus younghusbandi" Elwes (L20.9).

Genus "Heliophorus" - The Sapphires

* "Heliophorus sena" (Kollar 1844). Sorrel Sapphire (L32.1).
* "Heliophorus epicles" Godart 1823. Purple Sapphire (L32.2).
* "Heliophorus kohimensis" (Tytler 1912). Naga Sapphire (L32.3).
* "Heliophorus bakeri" Evans 1927. Western Blue Sapphire (L32.4).
* "Heliophorus oda" (Hewitson 1865). Eastern Blue Sapphire (L32.5).
* "Heliophorus brahma" (Moore 1857). Golden Sapphire (L32.6).
* "Heliophorus hybrida" (Tytler 1912). Hybrid Sapphire (L32.7).
* "Heliophorus androcles" (Westwood 1851). Green Sapphire (L32.8).
* "Heliophorus tamu" (Kollar 1848). Powdery Green Sapphire (L32.9).

Genus "Strymon" - The White-line Hairstreaks

* "Superflua sassanides" (Kollar, 1850). White-line Hairstreak, previously "Strymon sassanides" Kollar (L34.1).
* "Strymon mackwoodi" Evans. Mackwood's Hairstreak (L34.2).

Genus "Pamela" - Lister's Hairstreak

* "Pamela dudgeonii" (De Nicéville, 1895). Lister's Hairstreak, previously "Listeria dudgeoni" De Nicéville (L35.1).

Genus "Euaspa" - Water Hairstreak

* "Euaspa milionia" (Hewitson, 1869). Water Hairstreak (L36.1).

Genus "Thecla" - The Hairstreaks

* "Thecla pavo" (De Nicéville, 1887). Peacock Hairstreak (L37.3).
* "Thecla letha" (Watson, 1896). Watson's Hairstreak (L37.5).
* "Thecla ziha" (Hewitson, 1865). White-spotted Hairstreak (L37.18).
* "Thecla leechii" De Nicéville, 1892. Ferruginous Hairstreak, previously "Callophrys leechii" De Nicéville (L33.1).
* "Thecla chalybeia" (Leech, 1890). Plumbeous Hairstreak, previously "Callophrys chalybeia" Leech (L33.2).

Genus "Esakiozephyrus" - The Hairstreaks

* "Esakiozephyrus icana" (Moore 1874). Dull-green Hairstreak, previously "Thecla icana" Moore (L37.1).
* "Esakiozephyrus bieti" (Oberthür, 1886). Indian Purple Hairstreak, previously "Thecla bieti" De Nicéville. (L37.2).

Genus "Chrysozephyrus" - The Hairstreaks

* "Chrysozephyrus ataxus" (Westwood, 1851). Wonderful Hairstreak, previously "Thecla ataxus" Doubleday (L37.4).
* "Chrysozephyrus surioia" (Tytler, 1915). Cerulean Hairstreak, previously "Thecla surioia" Tytler (L37.6).
* "Chrysozephyrus vittata" (Tytler, 1915). Tytler's Hairstreak, previously "Thecla vittata" Tytler (L37.7).
* "Chrysozephyrus duma" (Hewitson, 1869). Metallic Green Hairstreak, previously "Thecla duma" Hewitson (L37.8).
* "Chrysozephyrus zoa" (De Nicéville, 1889). Powdered Green Hairstreak, previously "Thecla zoa" De Nicéville (L37.9).
* "Chrysozephyrus kabrua" (Tytler, 1915). Kabru Hairstreak, previously "Thecla kabrua" Tytler (L37.11).
* "Chrysozephyrus birupa" (Moore, 1877). Fawn Hairstreak, previously "Thecla birupa" Moore (L37.12).
* "Chrysozephyrus jakamensis" (Tytler, 1915). Jakama Hairstreak, previously "Thecla jakamensis" Tytler (L37.13).
* "Chrysozephyrus syla" (Kollar, 1848). Silver Hairstreak, previously "Thecla syla" Kollar (L37.14).
* "Chrysozephyrus kirbariensis" (Tytler, 1915). Kirbari Hairstreak, previously "Thecla kirbariensis" Tytler (L37.15).
* "Chrysozephyrus paona" (Tytler, 1915). Paona Hairstreak, previously "Thecla paona" Tytler (L37.16).
* "Chrysozephyrus khasia" (De Nicéville, 1890). Tailless Metallic Green Hairstreak, previously "Thecla khasia" De Nicéville (L37.17).

Genus "Teratozephyrus" - The Suroifui Hairstreak

* "Teratozephyrus doni" (Tytler, 1915). Suroifui Hairstreak, previously "Thecla doni" Tytler (L37.10).

Genus "Chaetoprocta" - The Walnut Blue

* "Chaetoprocta odata" (Hewitson, 1865). Walnut Blue (L38.1).

Genus "Amblopala" - The Chinese Hairstreak

* "Amblopala avidiena" "Hewitson", 1877. Chinese Hairstreak (L39.1).

Genus "Curetis" - The Sunbeams

* "Curetis thetis" (Drury, 1773). Indian Sunbeam (L40.1).
* "Curetis saronis" Moore, 1877. Burmese Sunbeam (L40.2).
* "Curetis bulis" Westwood, [1851] . Bright Sunbeam (L40.3).
* "Curetis acuta" Moore, 1877. Angled Sunbeam (L40.4).
* "Curetis siva" Evans, 1954. Shiva's Sunbeam
* "Curetis dentata" Moore, 1879. Toothed Sunbeam

Genus "Iraota" - The Silverstreak Blues

* "Iraota timoleon" "Stoll", 1790. Silverstreak Blue (L41.1).
* "Iraota rochana" "Horsfield", 1829. Scarce Silverstreak (L41.2).

Genus "Horsfieldia" - The Leaf Blue

* "Horsfieldia anita" "Moore". Purple Leaf Blue (L42.1)???

Genus "Thaduka" - The Many-tailed Oak-Blue

* "Thaduka multicaudata" Moore, 1878. Many-tailed Oak-Blue (L43.1).

Genus "Mahathala" - The Falcate Oakblue

* "Mahathala ameria" (Hewitson, 1862). Falcate Oakblue (L44.1).

Genus "Apporasa" - The Crenulate Oakblue

* "Apporasa atkinsoni" (Hewitson, 1869). Crenulate Oakblue, previously "Mahathala atkinsoni" Hewitson (L44.2).

Genus "Amblypodia" - The Oakblues

* "Amblypodia suffusa" Tytler, 1915. Tytler's Rosy Oakblue (L45.4).
* "Amblypodia silhetensis" Hewitson, 1862. Sylhet Oakblue (L45.5).
* "Amblypodia yendava" Grose-Smith, 1887. Singapore Oakblue (L45.6).
* "Amblypodia agaba" Hewitson, 1862. Purple-glazed Oakblue (L45.12).
* "Amblypodia alax" Evans, 1932. Silky Oakblue (L45.15).
* "Amblypodia paralea" Evans, 1925. Glazed Oakblue (L45.17).
* "Amblypodia alesia" Felder, 1865. Pallid Oakblue (L45.24).
* "Amblypodia dodonaea" Moore, 1857. Pale Himalayan Oakblue (L45.25).
* "Amblypodia rama" (Kollar, 1848). Dark Himalayan Oakblue (L45.26).
* "Amblypodia apidanus" Doherty. Plain Plushblue (L45.42) "Flos apidanus" (?).
* "Amblypodia areste" Hewitson, 1862. Tailless Plushblue (L45.46).

Genus "Arhopala" - The Oakblues

* "Arhopala anarte" (Hewitson 1862). Magnificent Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia anarte" Hewitson (L45.1).
* "Arhopala camdeo" (Moore, 1857). Lilac Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia camdeo" Moore (L45.3).
* "Arhopala ace" De Nicéville, 1892. Tytler's Dull Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia ace" Tytler (L45.7).
* "Arhopala agrata" De Nicéville, 1890. DeNiceville's Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia agrata" De Nicéville (L45.8).
* "Arhopala oenea" (Hewitson, 1869). Hewitson's Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia aenea" Hewitson (L45.9).
* "Arhopala khamti" Doherty, 1891. Doherty's Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia khamti" Doherty (L45.10).
* "Arhopala alemon" (De Nicéville 1891). Indian Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia alemon" De Nicéville (L45.14).
* "Arhopala amantes" (Hewitson, 1862). Large Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia amantes" Hewitson (L45.18).
* "Arhopala bazalus" (Hewitson, 1862). Powdered Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia bazalus" Hewitson (L45.20).
* "Arhopala eumolphus" (Cramer, 1782). Green Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia eumolphus" (L45.21).
* "Arhopala ormistoni" Riley, 1920. Ormiston's Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia ormistoni" (L45.22).
* "Arhopala comica" De Nicéville, 1900. Comic Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia comica" (L45.27).
* "Arhopala paramuta" (De Nicéville, 1884). Hooked Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia paramuta" (L45.28).
* "Arhopala asopia" (Hewitson, 1869). Plain Tailless Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia asopia" (L45.29).
* "Arhopala zeta" (Moore, 1877). Andaman Tailless Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia zeta" (L45.30).
* "Arhopala arvina" (Hewitson 1869). Purple Brown Tailless Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia arvina" (L45.31).
* "Arhopala ammon" (Hewitson, 1862). Malayan Bushblue, previously "Amblypodia ammon"(L45.35).
* "Arhopala birmana" (Moore, 1883) Burmese Bushblue, previously "Amblypodia birmana" (L45.36).
* "Arhopala ellisi" Evans, 1914. Ellis's Bushblue, previously "Amblypodia ellisi" (L45.38).
* "Arhopala abseus" (Hewitson, 1862). Aberrant Bushblue, previously "Amblypodia abseus" (L45.39).
* "Arhopala diardi" (Hewitson, 1862). Bifid Plushblue, previously "Amblypodia diardi" (L45.40).
* "Arhopala fulgida" (Hewitson, 1863). Shining Plushblue, previously "Amblypodia fulgida" (L45.41).
* "Arhopala chinensis" Felder, 1865. Chinese Plushblue, previously "Amblypodia chinensis" (L45.45).

Genus "Nilasera" - The Oakblues

* "Nilasera opalina" Moore, 1883. Opal Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia opalina" Moore (L45.2).
* "Nilasera centaurus" (Fabricius, 1775). Centaur Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia centaurus" Moore (L45.16).
* "Nilasera adriana" De Nicéville, 1884. Variegated Plushblue, previously "Amblypodia adriana" De Nicéville (L45.43).
* "Nilasera asoka" De Nicéville, 1884 . Spangled Plushblue, previously "Amblypodia asoka" De Nicéville (L45.44).
* "Narathura fulla" (Hewitson, 1862). Spotless Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia fulla" Riley (L45.47).

Genus "Panchala" - The Oakblues

* "Panchala alea" (Hewitson, 1862). Rosy Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia alea" Hewitson (L45.11).
* "Panchala canaraica" (Moore, 1884). Kanara Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia canaraica" Moore (L45.13).
* "Panchala singla" (De Nicéville, 1885). Yellowdisc Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia singla" De Nicéville (L45.19).
* "Panchala ganesa" (Moore, 1857). Tailless Bushblue, previously "Amblypodia ganesa" Moore (L45.33).

Genus "Acesina" - The Oakblues

* "Acesina paraganesa" De Nicéville 1882. Dusky Bushblue, previously "Amblypodia paraganesa" De Nicéville (L45.34).
* "Acesina aberrans" De Nicéville, 1889. Pale Bushblue, previously "Amblypodia aberrans" De Nicéville (L45.37).

Genus "Narathura" - The Tamil Oakblue

* "Narathura bazaloides" (Hewitson, 1878). Tamil Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia bazaloides" Hewitson (L45.23).

Genus "Darasana" - The Tailless Oakblue

* "Darasana perimuta" (Moore, 1857). Yellowdisc Tailless Oakblue, previously "Amblypodia perimuta" Moore (L45.32).

Genus "Surendra" - The Acacia Blue

* "Surendra quercetorum" (Moore, 1857). Common Acacia Blue (L46.1).

Genus "Zinaspa" - The Silver Streaked Acacia Blue

* "Zinaspa todara" (Moore, 1883). Silver Streaked Acacia Blue, previously "Surendra todara" Moore (L46.2).

Genus "Mota" - The Saffron

* "Mota massyla" (Hewitson, 1869). Saffron (L47.1).

Genus "Loxura" - The Yamfly

* "Loxura atymnus" (Cramer, 1782). Yamfly (L48.1).

Genus "Yasoda" - The Branded Yamfly

* "Yasoda tripunctata" (Hewitson, 1863). Branded Yamfly (L49.1).

Genus "Drina" - The Brown Yamfly

* "Drina donina" (Hewitson, 1865). Brown Yamfly (L50.1).

Genus "Apharitis" - The Tawny Silverline

* "Apharitis acamus" Butler. Tawny Silverline (L51.1).

Genus "Spindasis" - The Silverlines

* "Spindasis vulcanus" (Fabricius, 1775). Common Silverline (L52.1).
* "Spindasis elwesi" Evans, 1925. Elwes' Silverline (L52.9).
* "Spindasis lohita" (Horsfield, 1829). Long-banded Silverline (L52.11).

Genus "Aphnaeus" - The Silverlines

* "Aphnaeus schistacea" Moore, 1881. Plumbeous Silverline, previously "Spindasis schistacea" Moore (L52.2).
* "Aphnaeus gabriel" Swinhoe, 1912. Grey Silverline, previously "Spindasis gabriel" Swinhoe (L52.3).
* "Aphnaeus abnormis" Moore, 1883. Abnormal Silverline, previously "Spindasis abnormis" Moore (L52.4).
* "Aphnaeus ictis" Hewitson, 1865. Common Shot Silverline, previously "Spindasis ictis" Felder (L52.5).
* "Aphnaeus elima" Moore, 1877. Scarce Shot Silverline, previously "Spindasis elima" Moore (L52.6).
* "Aphnaeus nipalicus" "Moore", 1884. Silvergrey Silverline, previously "Spindasis nipalicus" Moore (L52.7).
* "Aphnaeus rukmini" De Nicéville, 1889. Khaki Silverline, previously "Spindasis rukmini" De Nicéville (L52.8).
* "Aphnaeus syama" (Horsfield, 1829). Club Silverline, previously "Spindasis syama" Moore (L52.10).
* "Aphnaeus lilacinus" Moore, 1884. Lilac Silverline, previously "Apharitis lilacinus" Moore (L51.2).

Genus "Zesius" - The Redspot

* "Zesius chrysomallus" "Hübner", 1819/21. Redspot (L53.1).

Genus "Pratapa" - The Tufted Royals

* "Pratapa deva" (Moore, 1857). White Royal (L54.5).
* "Pratapa icetas" (Hewitson, 1865). Dark Blue Royal (L54.6).

Genus "Dacalana" - The Double Tufted Royal

* "Dacalana vidura" (Horsfield, 1857). 'Double Tufted Royal, previously "Pratapa vidura" (L54.1).

Genus "Ancema" - The Royals

* "Ancema cotys" (Hewitson, 1865). White-banded Royal, previously "Pratapa cotys" Hewitson (L54.2).
* "Ancema ctesia" (Hewitson, 1865). Bi-spot Royal, previously "Pratapa ctesia" Hewitson (L54.3).
* "Ancema blanka" (De Nicéville, 1895). Silver Royal, previously "Pratapa blanka" Evans (L54.4).
* "Ancema icetoides" (Elwes, 1892). Blue Royal Assam, previously "Pratapa icetoides" De Nicéville (L54.7).
* "Ancema ister" (Hewitson, 1865). Uncertain Royal, previously "Tajuria ister" Hewitson (L55.5).

Genus "Creon" - The Broadtail Royal

* "Creon cleobis" (Godart, 1823). Broadtail Royal, previously "Pratapa cleobis" Godart (L54.8).

Genus "Maneca" - The Slate Royal

* "Maneca bhotea" (Moore, 1884). Slate Royal, previously "Pratapa bhotea" Moore (L54.9).

Genus "Tajuria" - The Royals

* "Tajuria yajna" (Doherty, 1886). Chestnut and Black Royal (L55.3).
* "Tajuria albiplaga" (De Nicéville, 1887). Pallid Royal (L55.9).
* "Tajuria sebonga" Tytler, 1915. Tytler's Royal (L55.10) It is a valid synonym of "T. jalajala pallescens" (Druce).
* "Tajuria thyia" De Nicéville, 1892. Dusky Royal (L55.11).
* "Tajuria jehana" "Moore", 1883. Plains Blue Royal (L55.12).
* "Tajuria cippus" (Fabricius, 1798). Peacock Royal (L55.13).
* "Tajuria illurgioides" De Nicéville, 1890. Scarce White Royal (L55.15).
* "Tajuria maculata" Hewitson. Spotted Royal (L55.17)

Genus "Remelana" - The Chocalate Royal

* "Remelana jangala" (Horsfield, 1829). Chocolate Royal, previously "Tajuria jangala" Moore (L55.1).

Genus "Sithon" - The Orange and Black Royal

* "Sithon megistia" (Hewitson, 1869). Orange and Black Royal, previously "Tajuria megistia" Hewitson (L55.2).

Genus "Ops" - The Branded Royal

* "Ops melastigma" (De Nicéville, 1887). Branded Royal, previously "Tajuria melastigma" De Nicéville (L55.4).

Genus "Bullis" - The Baby Royal

* "Bullis buto" (De Nicéville, 1895). Baby Royal, previously "Tajuria buto" (L55.6).

Genus "Creusa" - The Black-branded Royal

* "Creusa culta" De Nicéville, 1896. Black-branded Royal, previously "Tajuria culta" Hewitson (L55.7).

Genus "Iolaus" - The Royals

* "Iolaus diaeus" Hewitson, 1865. Straightline Royal, previously "Tajuria diaeus" Hewitson (L55.8).
* "Iolaus luculentus" Leech 1890. Chinese Royal, previously "Tajuria luculentus" Swinhoe (L55.16).

Genus "Cophanta" - The White Royal

* "Cophanta illurgis" Hewitson, 1866. White Royal, previously "Tajuria illurgis" Hewitson (L55.14).

Genus "Charana" - The Mandarin Blues

* "Charana jalindra" "Moore". Banded Royal (L56.1)????
* "Charana mandarinus" (Hewitson, 1863). Mandarin Blue (L56.2).
* "Charana cepheis" De Nicéville, 1895. Cachar Mandarin Blue (L56.3).

Genus "Neocheritra" - The Pale Grand Imperial

* "Jacoona fabronia" (Hewitson, 1878). Pale Grand Imperial, previously "Neocheritra fabronia" Hewitson (L57.1).

Genus "Suasa" - The Red Imperial

* "Suasa lisides" (Hewitson, 1863). Red Imperial (L58.1)

Genus "Cheritrella" - The Truncate Imperial

* "Cheritrella truncipennis" De Nicéville, 1887. Truncate Imperial (L59.1).

Genus "Cheritra" - The Common Imperial

* "Cheritra freja" (Fabricius, 1793). Common Imperial (L60.1).

Genus "Ticherra" - The Blue Imperial

* "Ticherra acte" (Moore, 1857). Blue Imperial (L61.1).

Genus "Biduanda" - The Posies

* "Biduanda melisa" (Hewitson, 1869). Blue Posy (L62.1).

Genus "Rathinda" - The Monkeypuzzle

* "Rathinda amor" (Fabricius, 1775). Monkeypuzzle (L63.1).

Genus "Horaga" - The Onyxs

* "Horaga onyx" (Moore, 1857). Common Onyx (L64.1).
* "Horaga moulmeina" "Moore", 1883. Yellow Onyx (L64.2).
* "Horaga albimacula" (Wood-Mason & De Nicéville, 1881). Violet Onyx (L64.3).
* "Horaga viola" "Moore", 1882. Brown Onyx (L64.4).

Genus "Catapaecilma" - The Common Tinsel

* "Catapaecilma elegans" Druce, 1873. Common Tinsel (L64.1).

Genus "Pentila" - The Yellow Tinsel

* "Pentila subochracea" Hawker-Smith, 1933. Yellow Tinsel, previously "Catapoecilma subochracea" Elwes (L64.2).

Genus "Acupicta" - The Dark Tinsel

* "Acupicta delicatum" De Nicéville, 1887. Dark Tinsel, previously "Catapoecilma delicatum" De Nicéville (L64.3).

Genus "Chliaria" - The Tits

* "Chliaria othona" (Hewitson, 1865). Orchid Tit (L66.1).
* "Chliaria kina" (Hewitson, 1869). Blue Tit (L66.2).
* "Chliaria nilgirica" (Moore, 1883). Nilgiri Tit, previously "Hypolycaena nilgirica" Moore (L67.1).

Genus "Hypolycaena" - The Tits

* "Hypolycaena thecloides" (Felder, 1860). Brown Tit (L67.2).
* "Hypolycaena erylus" (Godart, 1823). Common Tit (L67.3).

Genus "Zeltus" - The Fluffy Tit

* "Zeltus etolus" (Fabricius, 1787). Fluffy Tit (L68.1).

Genus "Artipe" - The Green Flash

* "Artipe eryx" (Linnaeus, 1771). Green Flash (L69.1).

Genus "Deudorix" - The Cornelians

* "Deudorix epijarbas" (Moore, 1857). Cornelian (L70.1).

Genus "Virachola" - The Guava Blues

* "Virachola isocrates" (Fabricius, 1793). Common Guava Blue (L71.1).
* "Virachola perse" (Hewitson, 1863). Large Guava Blue (L71.2).
* "Virachola smilis" (Hewitson, ?). Scarce Guava Blue (L71.3).

Genus "Rapala" - The Flashes

* "Rapala rubida" Tytler, 1926. Rosy Flash (L72.1).
* "Rapala refulgens" De Nicéville, 1891. Refulgent Flash (L72.2).
* "Rapala suffusa" (Moore, 1878). Suffused Flash (L72.4).
* "Rapala tara" De Nicéville, 1889. Assam Flash (L72.5).
* "Rapala sphinx" Fabricius, 1775. Brilliant Flash (L72.6).
* "Rapala varuna" (Hewitson, 1863). Indigo Flash (L72.7).
* "Rapala schistacea" (Moore, 1879). Slate Flash (L72.8).
* "Rapala scintilla" De Nicéville, 1890. Scarce Slate Flash (L72.9).
* "Rapala pheritimus" Hewitson. Copper Flash (L72.10).
* "Rapala dieneces" (Hewitson, 1878). Scarlet Flash (L72.11).
* "Rapala buxaria" De Nicéville, 1889. Short Flash (L72.14).
* "Rapala iarbus" (Fabricius, 1787). Common Red Flash, previously "Rapala jarbas" Fabricius (L72.13).
* "Rapala hypargyria" Elwes, 1892. Scarce Cornelian, previously "Deudorix hypargyria" Elwes (L70.2).

Genus "Vadebra" - The Malabar Flash

* "Vadebra lankana" (Moore, 1879). Malabar Flash, previously "Rapala lankana" Moore (L72.3).

Genus "Baspa" - The Indian Red Flash

* "Baspa melampus" (Stoll, 1781). Indian Red Flash, previously "Rapala melampus" (L72.12).

Genus "Bidaspa" - The Flashes

* "Bidaspa nissa" (Kollar, 1848). Common Flash, previously "Rapala nissa" Kollar (L72.15).
* "Bidaspa micans" (Bremer & Grey, 1853). Red Himalayan Flash, previously "Rapala micans" Moore (L72.16).

Genus "Sinthusa" - The Sparks

* "Sinthusa virgo" (Elwes, 1887). Pale Spark (L73.1).
* "Sinthusa chandrana" (Moore, 1882). Broad Spark (L73.2).
* "Sinthusa nasaka" (Horsfield, 1829). Narrow Spark (L73.3).

Genus "Bindahara" - The Plane

* "Bindahara phocides" (Fabricius, 1793). Plane (L74.1).

Genus "Araotes" - The Witch

* "Araotes lapithis" (Moore, 1857). Witch (L75.1).

Genus "Liphyra" - Moth Butterfly

* "Liphyra brassolis" Westwood, 1864. Moth Butterfly (L76.1).

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