Glutton Bowl

Glutton Bowl

The Glutton Bowl was a two-hour Fox Network eating special in 2002 sanctioned by the International Federation of Competitive Eating. The special, which was co-executive produced by Nash Entertainment and IFOCE co-founder Richard Shea, featured Mark Thompson and IFOCE co-founder George Shea as hosts/color commentators. The 32-eater tournament was won by Takeru Kobayashi of Japan. [cite web|author = Tama Miyake|title = Feature: Fast food|publisher = Metropolis (Japanese magazine)|date=2006-03-13|url =|accessdate = 2006-10-02 ] [cite news|author = Amy Moon|title = ASIAN POP: Superchomp Korean-born Sonya Thomas is the No. 1 ranked competitive eater in the USA.|publisher = San Francisco Chronicle| date = 2005-05-26|url =|accessdate = 2006-10-02]

Contest Set Up

The competition was set up to have 3 rounds - the qualifiers, the wild card round, and the finals. In each round competitors were to eat the most of one specified food in a set amount of time. The winner of each qualifying competition was automatically in the finals. The runner up in each qualifier competed in the wild card round and the winner of that was the last person put in the finals.


The list of foods eaten in each round and the winning amount eaten are as follows (each competition was 12 minutes long):

Qualifying Rounds
* Hard-boiled eggs
** 38 eggs

* Quarter-pound sticks of butter
** the winner ate 7 sticks

* Whole beef tongue
** convert|3|lb|abbr=on to each tongue
** winner ate 1 tongue plus a few bites of another

* Hot Dogs
** 31 hot dogs - bun and all

* Mayonnaise
** 32oz. per bowl.
** winner ate 4 bowls which is equivalent to 8 pounds of mayo

* Hamburgers
** 3oz. meat patties plus the bun (fast food type burgers)
** winner ate 11

*, convert|12|lb|abbr=on. sushi roll including 2 one foot long pieces of Wasabi
** convert|3.8|ft|m consumed by winner

Wild Card Round
* Cooked (but not fried) bull testicles
** convert|3|lb|abbr=on

* Cow brain (1/3 pound each)
** one plate and on to second (10 lb per platter and convert|5|lb|abbr=on for additional platter)


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