Angel Frames

Angel Frames

Angel Frames (AKA "Emblem Frames") are spaceships from the anime, manga and dating sim game, Galaxy Angel.

Designed with Lost Technology, all Angel Frames possesses more advanced technology than even the latest military starship, with equipment such as Gravity Generators, Shielding, as well as a Chrono Drive System, which allows them to travel at high speeds across the galaxy. It is said that just a single Angel Frame is equivalent to that of an entire fleet. However, it is discovered in the first game that the simulation of a single frame defeating the entire fleet happens to be just Milfeulle Sakuraba's luck. The computer system eventually controlled the fleet to fire at each other and losing to Lucky Star without almost any resistance. Each Angel Frame is controlled by both the pilot's thoughts and emotions with the H.A.L.O. (Human-Brain and Artificial-Brain Linking Organization) System, and if their emotions become unstable, the less efficient the Angel Frame becomes, to the point where it ceases to function all together. The pilot must possess the ability to synch with the Angel Frame's system in order for the H.A.L.O system to work, because if not, the ship won't move an inch regardless of the pilot's skills. That is why a vast search was conducted to look for special people who can pilot the Angel Frames, which is how the Angel Troupe was formed. Civilians who were not from the military such as Mint and Vanilla have been chosen due to their ability to synch with the system.

The RA series Angel Frame from Galaxy Angel II has the ability to change into two modes. The first mode is the Flight Mode, which allows faster travel. The second mode is the Battle mode, which slows down the Angel Frame a bit, but it gives them a better advantage during battle.

Angel Troupe

GA-001 Lucky Star

Pilot: Milfeulle Sakuraba

*Length: 49.6m
*Height: 21.0m (end wing basic 29.2 m)
*Width: 28.0m
*Basic Color: pink
*Best Weapon: Hyper Cannon
*Weaponry: Laser Cannon, Beam Gun, Missile Launcher, Electro-Magnetic Launcher.

Designed as an all-purpose fighter, the pink Lucky Star is the most well-rounded of the six Angel Frames, and possesses the ability to fight in any situation. However, there are numerous power stability problems, and thus Milfeulle is the only one capable of piloting it due to her extreme luck. Its most powerful weapon is the Hyper Cannon, a powerful weapon that can blast through entire ships.

In terms of the game, the Lucky Star has no glaring strengths or weaknesses. Its speed is second only to the Kung-Fu Fighter, thus making it able to function as interceptor, reinforcement or rearguard. The Hyper Cannon can blast through multiple targets, but only as long as they are in a straight line. Also, when fired at close range, there is a good chance that Milfie will 'drag' the beam like a massive beam saber, slicing apart anything in her path. As befitting her infamous luck, this can either be very good (as she'll also slice into other enemy ships otherwise not in her sights) or very bad (as she may only inflict a small fraction of the damage she would otherwise to her actual target.)

GA-002 Kung Fu Fighter

Pilot: Ranpha Franboise

*Length: 36.1m
*Height: 19.4m (end wing basic 27.6 m)
*Width: 38.2m
*Basic Color: red
*Best Weapon: Anchor Claw
*Weaponry: Warhead Launcher, Missile Launcher, Beam Gun.

Designed as a close combat fighter, the red Kung Fu Fighter possesses extraordinary close range combat abilities, with fast agility as well as electro-magnetic claws allowing it to grapple enemy ships at close range. However, its defensive power is lowered as the result. Its final attack is the Anchor Claw, where the two gigantic claws are launched at the target. While only hitting one target at a time, it almost certainly destroys the target. However, if the claws destroy the target with one blow and others are nearby, they will automatically attack them as well. Thus, it is not unusual for Ranpha to have the most kills per battle.

In terms of the game, the Kung Fu Fighter has the highest speed of all the Angel Frames and one of the highest firepower ratings, but unfortunately also the lowest defense. This often results in Ranpha being outnumbered and in the greatest risk of being shot down because the Kung Fu Fighter's speed means she's often the first one to engage the enemy. On the other hand, her speed also allows her to retreat, receive repairs then return to battle faster than the others.

GA-003 Trick Master

Pilot: Mint Blancmanche

*Length: 36.8m
*Height: 27.4m (end wing basic 35.6 m)
*Width: 37.6m
*Basic Color: light blue
*Best Weapon: Flier Dance
*Weaponry: Warhead Launcher, Shooting Lasers.

The most unusual of the Angel Frames, the light blue Trick Master possesses powerful sensor and communication equipment, allowing Mint to quickly analyze and provide information to the Angel Troupe. Equipped with three 'Fliers', small attack drones controlled by Mint via telepathy, Trick Master is capable of both engaging multiple opponents at once as well as being able to attack from more than one direction. Its most powerful attack is the Flier Dance, where the Fliers zip all over an area, firing on all enemies from multiple directions (similar to how Newtype pilots like Lalah Sune in the Universal Century Gundam series use their Psycommu-powered weapons (i.e. Funnels and Bits) to attack).

In terms of the game, the Trick Master is somewhat slower than both the Lucky Star and Kung Fu Fighter, but the Fliers allow Mint to attack an enemy from any direction. The Flier Dance causes less damage the more targets are in the area of effect, as they are forced to spread out. Also, while the Trick Master is sturdier than the Kung Fu Fighter, it is also more sluggish and so may not be as effective at hit-and-run as Ranpha's Angel Frame. The Trick Master is best used as support, weakening groups of enemy ships with the Flier Dance and finishing off the most badly damaged.

GA-004 Happy Trigger

Pilot: Forte Stollen

*Length: 62.7m
*Height: 19.2m (wing tip to the basic 26.7 m)
*Width: 33.5m
*Basic Color: purple
*Best Weapon: Strike Burst
*Weaponry: Laser Cannon, Missile Launchers, Electro-Magnetic Launchers, Electro-Magnetic Cannon.

Designed as a heavy assault fighter, the purple Happy Trigger is filled to the brim with weaponry of all types, and possesses the greatest firepower of all the Angel Frames. However, its extreme weapon loadout sacrifices agility and speed, making Happy Trigger the second most sluggish of the Angel Frames. Its final attack is the Strike Burst, where the entire payload is unleashed on a single victim.

In terms of the game, the Happy Trigger is without a doubt the most heavily armed of the Angel Frames. Unfortunately, this also means that it is quite slow, only possessing marginally more speed than the Trick Master. The Happy Trigger is most effective against particularly hard shelled foes like carriers or cruisers, since its lack of speed means that on many occasions by the time Forte arrives, most of the enemy have already been defeated. On the other hand, this makes the Happy Trigger very effective as a reinforcement unit, as it will often arrive just as the other Angel Frames are low on energy or have suffered heavy damage. It is also useful as an escort unit, as its superior firepower can decimate an enemy ship long before it gets too close to the Elsior. The Strike Burst is most effective at mid-range. Too far or too close, there is very good chance that some of the ordinance will miss the intended target.

GA-005 Harvester

Pilot: Vanilla H

*Length: 40.6m
*Height: 19.2m (end wing basic 21.9 m)
*Width: 50.4m
*Basic Color: lime green
*Best Weapon: Repair Wave
*Weaponry: Laser Gun, High Output Electro-Magnetic Launcher.

Designed as a support fighter, the lime green Harvester carries onboard a nanomachine colony, allowing it to repair the Angel Frames while in battle. However, it possesses relatively weak weapon systems, but possesses the highest defensive abilities of the Angel Frames. Possibly the most vital of the Angel Frames, its most powerful ability is the Repair Wave, which releases nanomachines all over that repairs all other Angel Frames, often able to bring a badly damaged teammate back into battle instantly.

In terms of the game, the Harvester is quite possibly the most invaluable of the Angel Frames. While having the highest defense of all of them, it possesses enough speed to reach a beleaguered comrade in time to repair damage before it is too late. Also, the Repair Wave will heal all the Angel Frames instantly, no matter where they are on the map. This can often make the difference between victory and defeat. Its primary weakness is its rather weak weapons. On the other hand, during the later battles Vanilla will likely find herself busier repairing her friends than actually fighting.

GA-006 Sharp Shooter

Pilot: Chitose Karasuma

*Length: 60.6m
*Height: 23.7m (end wing basic 26.4 m)
*Width: 40.4m
*Basic Color: blue
*Best Weapon: Fatal Arrow
*Weaponry: Long Range Electro-Magnetic Cannon.

Designed as a long-range sniper, the dark blue Sharp Shooter is equipped with both a High Performance Scope as well as an advanced radar system. It is capable of striking targets from ranges of up to 6000 km away, with its most lethal weapon being the Fatal Arrow (taking advantage of the pilot's superb archery skill).

In terms of the game, the Sharp Shooter often seems subpar compared to the other Angel Frames. While its speed is about the same as the Lucky Star, because it was designed as a sniping unit Chitose often has to pull back some distance from her target before she can take full advantage of its weapons. In comparison, the Lucky Star is also equipped with various cannons and missiles, giving Milfie the ability to attack effectively at any range. The Fatal Arrow is not as powerful as the Hyper Cannon, and while it is able to target multiple foes, unlike the Flier Dance Chitose must manually aim the Fatal Arrow at each target. However, as a support unit, the Sharp Shooter excels, being able to back up another Angel without getting in her way. It also has the greatest weapons range of the Angel Frames, making it effective as a raider as well as a sniper.

GA-007 (no name)

With ChronoBreak Cannon Equipped

Found at the same time as the GA-006 Sharp Shooter, the GA-007 or "nanabanki" ("unit #7") is equipped with a Field Canceller and Chrono Break Cannon. When the Val-Fasq leader Nephelia attacks the Transbaal Empire with the giant warship O-Gaub, the Field Canceller is made by Noah to neutralize the O-Gaub's Negative Chrono Field, and the Chrono Break Cannon is to destroy the ship. Because a lot of power is needed for this, the most powerful pilot in the team is chosen to pilot it, and Takuto is also asked to go on the ship to support the pilot. Later, the Val-Fasq Wein attacks the White Moon and steals the GA-007, and uses Lushati to increase its power output to 100% so he can fire the Chrono Break Cannon. It is damaged beyond repair later when Wein betrays the Val-Fasq and escapes to EDEN.

Rune Troupe

RA-000 Brave Heart

*Pilot: Kazuya Shiranami
*Flight Mode Height: 31.83 m
*Battle Mode Height: 35.59 m
*Weaponry: Rapid Laser
*Basic Color: white

The RA-000 Brave Heart has the ability to combine with the other RA series Angel Frames which serves as an amplifier to aid the angels in battle. It does not seem to purely be an Angel Frame because when Kazuya is seen piloting the Brave Heart, it does not have a H.A.L.O system unlike the other ships.In the game, Galaxy Angel II series, if the Brave Heart is destroyed with or without an Angel Frame combined to it, it's game over.

RA-001 Cross Caliber

*Pilot: Apricot Sakuraba
*Flight Mode Height: 38.50 m
*Battle Mode Height: 45.10 m
*Weaponry: Hyper Blaster

The Cross Caliber is an orange Angel Frame which is piloted by Apricot. The Cross Caliber's functions are very similar to Milfeulle's Lucky Star. It is small and light, giving it good agility. The Cross Caliber's special attack is the Hyper Blaster, which is similar to the Lucky Star's Hyper Cannon.

RA-002 Eagle Gazer

*Pilot: Lily C. Sherbet
*Flight Mode Height: 44.30 m
*Battle Mode Height: 66.60 m
*Weaponry: Lances x2

The Eagle Gazer is a blue Angel Frame which is piloted by Lily. The Eagle Gazer was designed as a slow sniper, similar to Chitose's Sharp Shooter. Its special attack is Extreme Lancer which launches two giant lances in the front part of the ship. The attack is for sniping and the attack continues on penetrating many ships on its path.

RA-003 First Aider

*Pilot: Nano-Nano Pudding
*Flight Mode Height: 27.35 m
*Battle Mode Height: 29.30 m
*Weaponry: Needle Flay Sheet (Attack), Repair Wave (Healing)

The First Aider is a light blue Angel Frame which is piloted by Nano-Nano. The First Aider's special attack is the Needle Flechette which is an offensive ability that launches more than a dozen giant needles which can penetrate the enemy ship and, also, has a second special attack, the Repair Wave which concentrates on support, the same special ability that Vanilla's Harvester has.

RA-004 Spell Caster

*Pilot: Tequila Marjoram (Kahlua Marjoram)
*Flight Mode Height: 35.36 m
*Battle Mode Height: 39.92 m
*Weaponry: Hexa-Cross Break

The Spell Caster is a green Angel Frame which is piloted by Tequila, Kahlua's alter ego, more frequently. The Spell Caster has the highest defense and its special ability is the Hexa-Cross Break, an attack which surrounds the enemy in a magic circle which attacks the enemy ship thrice for each shape in the circle, similar to Mint's Trick Master's Flyer Dance.

RA-005 Relic Raider

*Pilot: Anise Azeat
*Flight Mode Height: 48.60 m
*Battle Mode Height: 49.35 m
*Weaponry: Genocide Bomber

The Relic Raider is a wine red Angel Frame which is piloted by Anise. The Relic Raider's special attack is the Genocide Bomber which is a big bomb. The bomb homes in to the Relic Raider and follows it wherever it goes, so Anise has to pilot the Relic Raider to a nearby enemy ship to possibly avoid collision with her own bomb, the gunfire system is similar to Ranpha's Kung-fu Fighter has.

RA-006 Papillon Chaser

*Pilot: Natsume Izayoi
*Flight Mode Height: 48.47 m
*Battle Mode Height: 51.83 m
*Weaponry: Zephyrus Rampage

The Papillon Chaser is a pearl pink Angel Frame which is piloted by Natsume. The Papillon Chaser's special ability is Zephyrus Rampage, which releases hundreds of pink energy butterflies that attach themselves to the target and explode a second later causing great damage, similar to Forte's Happy Trigger's Strike Burst.

Holy Blood

*Pilot: Roselle Mateus
*Length: 60.88 m
*Height: 24.4 m
*Width: 30.53 m
*Weaponry: Photon Diver, Beam Phalanx, Laser Net

The Holy Blood is the prototype for the mass-production Emblem Frames, and is piloted by Roselle. It was designed by Noa with the concept of it being an Emblem Frame that anyone, even non-Angels can pilot. Its basic architechture was primarily based off of the EDEN-type Emblem Frames, onto which some features of the NEUE-type Emblem Frames were added. Due to its impracticality however, the actual ability to combine is not implemented.

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