Party platform

Party platform

A party platform, also known as a manifesto, is a list of the principles which a political party supports in order to appeal to the general public for the purpose of having said party's candidates voted into office. This often takes the form of a list of support for, or opposition to, controversial topics. Individual topics are often called planks of the platform.

Famous party platforms

*Franklin Roosevelt's 1932 New Deal
*The 1948 United States Democratic Party's platform including civil rights
*Lyndon Baines Johnson's War on Poverty, 1965
*The 1993 Liberal Party of Canada Red Book
*The 1994 United States Republican Party's Contract with America (technically not a platform because promising discussion of measures rather than their adoption)
*Mike Harris's 1995 Common Sense Revolution
*Democratic Party 100 Hours, first weeks of 110th United States Congress

See also

*List of democracy and elections-related topics
*Election promise

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* [ Platforms of U.S. political parties, 1840-present] from the American Presidency Project at the University of California, Santa Barbara

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