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Sailor Animamates

Sailor Moon villain group
Group = Sailor Animamates
Arc ="Sailor Stars"
Dub =
Leader =Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon (manga),
Sailor Lead Crow (anime),
Sailor Pewter Fox (musicals)
Chaos =
Partof = Shadow Galactica
Figures =Sailors Iron Mouse, Aluminum Seiren, Lead Crow, Tin Nyanko, and others
Tools =Office resources, teleporting phone booth, golden bracelets
The nihongo|Sailor Animamates|セーラーアニマメイツ|Sērā Animameitsu|occasionally romanized as "Sailor Anima-Mates" are a fictional squadron in the Sailor Moon metaseries. They are the sub-villains of the fifth series, Sailor Stars.

In the manga, the Sailor Animamates are people who were promised power by Sailor Galaxia, including the ability to become true Sailor Senshi after the mission of Shadow Galactica was completed. This included each of them murdering the Sailor Senshi of her own planet. They are led by Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon.

In the anime, the Sailor Animamates disguise themselves as employees of Tokyo's primary television station, Galaxy TV ("Ginga Terebi"), in order to get closer to their victims. Under Sailor Galaxia's command, they search for true star seeds whose shines can survive being exposed to the outside world. There are only four Sailor Animamates, and they are matched at every turn by Eternal Sailor Moon who alone has the power to restore star seeds to innocents. They can warp from place to place using a black phone booth.

All five of the original Animamates appear in various Sailor Moon musicals, including "Sailor Stars", "Eien Densetsu", "Starlights Ryuusei Densetsu", and "Kakyuu Ouhi Kourin". They pose as a dance troupe called the "Dancing Animamates" and go by pseudonyms: Iron Mouse as "Chū Rat," Aluminum Seiren as "Half Bird," Lead Crow as Manila Karasu, etc. In addition, two new Animamates are introduced: Sailor Pewter Fox and Sailor Titanium Kerokko.


ailor Iron Mouse

nihongo|Sailor Iron Mouse|セーラー・アイアン・マウス|Sērā Aian Mausu is the first of the Sailor Animamates to appear. Her human pseudonym in the anime is nihongo|Chūko Nezu|根津 宙子|Nezu Chūko, which is a pun. In Japanese, Chūko and Nezu are each perfectly acceptable names; however, "chū" is the sound made by mice, and "nezu" can also mean "mouse." Her personality is both childlike and intense; she usually chooses famous or impressive people as her victims, seems to enjoy her work, and is openly terrified of Galaxia. [Episode 181] True to her name of mouse, Iron Mouse is very short, at least a foot shorter than all her targets (Takeuchi's notes in the manga state that she is Chibiusa's height, but she is not "quite" that short in the anime).cite book |last= Takeuchi |first= Naoko | title= Materials Collection |publisher= Kodansha |year= 1999 |month= October |id= ISBN 4-06-324521-7] She is also afraid of cats. [Episode 178]

Iron Mouse has a very short life in the manga, only a few pages long. She appears in Act 43, in the Fantastic Music Hall during the joint concert between the Three Lights and Michiru Kaioh. She attacks with "Galactica Crunch" and is killed by Sailor Star Healer. It is later revealed that Sailor Iron Mouse killed the Senshi of her home planet, Sailor Chū.

In the anime, Iron Mouse can warp from place to place using a red phone booth that she summons and she can also use it to block attacks. [Episode 181] When in disguise, she carries a black house phone in her bag and keeps one in a drawer at the TV station. Both of these phones are used to speak with Galaxia, who can cause phones like these to appear before Iron Mouse anywhere or any time. She can also fire a beam of purple energy from her palms. [As in episode 178.]

Sailor Iron Mouse is the antagonist for several episodes of the anime, but in episode 181 is killed by Galaxia as punishment for her failure to collect starseeds, even though she had discovered the identity of Sailor Star Fighter. [Episode 181]

In the musicals, she aided in "Sailor Galactica Attack".

She is voiced by Eriko Hara, who previously voiced a yōma in the Dark Kingdom story arc, and Unazuki Furuhata in Sailor Moon S. In the musicals, she is portrayed by Chie Maruyama and Aki Kudo.

ailor Aluminum Seiren

nihongo|Sailor Aluminum Seiren|セーラー・アルーミナム・セイレーン|Sērā Arūminamu Seirēn is the second of the Sailor Animamates to appear. The Greek word "Seiren" in her name means the same as the English Siren and is often romanized as such. [The katakana of this character's name read "seiren", like the Greek word. When the English word "siren" is used in Japanese, it is spelled and pronounced "sairen". Takeuchi frequently used non-English, non-Japanese words in naming her characters. cite web|last=Miller |first=Ian Andreas|url=|title=Dies Gaudii|accessdate=2007-06-07] [Hitoshi Doi uses the romanization "Siren". cite web | last = Doi | first = Hitoshi | authorlink = Hitoshi Doi | title = Aya/Aluminum Siren | url = | accessdate = 2007-06-15 ] Her powers lie in her ability to create and manipulate songs, as per her name. Her human pseudonym in the anime is nihongo|Reiko Aya|彩 れい子|Aya Reiko, which may be a pun on "puppet," "mermaid," "makeup" and "child spirit." [cite web|url=|title=Sailor Aluminum Seiren|work=-Jupiter's Thunder Dragon-|publisher=Sailor Dream|accessdate=2007-05-23] She's very polite, ditzy and oblivious when off-duty, and is always eating or feeling hungry; once engaged in battle, however, she drops her flaws and becomes completely ruthless.

In the manga, Aluminum Seiren first appears in Act 44 on the roof of Jūban High School and attacks Usagi and Seiya with "Galactica Tsunami". She succeeds in stealing the starseeds of Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter, killing them; she is then killed by Sailor Star Maker and Sailor Star Fighter. Aluminum Seiren won Galaxia's favour by stealing the starseed of her native planet's Senshi, Sailor Mermaid. According to the Materials Collection, her hobby is ballads.

In the anime, Aluminum Seiren makes her first appearance in Episode 182. Masquerading as Aya Reiko, she works together with Karasuma Akane (Sailor Lead Crow), who reveals that they once competed for the position of Number One Animamate. She eventually discovers Sailor Moon's identity and nearly succeeds in killing her, but is stopped by the Guardian Senshi and the Sailor Starlights. Despite learning their identities, Aluminum Seiren is killed by Galaxia in Episode 188 for her failure to defeat Sailor Moon. She is the only Animamate who uses her manga attack ("Galactica Tsunami") in the anime, although it consists only of throwing nearby water bottles, juice boxes, soda cans, etc. at the Senshi.

Her personality is more deeply explored in the anime than in the manga. She is described by other characters as ditzy and airheaded, [As by Lead Crow in episode 182.] sometimes taking insults as compliments or not even realizing she's being insulted. She is also shown to have a large appetite and eats whenever she gets upset. She is extremely polite, and formally introduces herself to her targets before attacking them, much to Lead Crow's annoyance. Once a battle begins, however, her personality changes sharply. Although still slightly ditsy, she is shown to be quite clever and is able to set traps for the Sailor Senshi. For example, she points out Uranus' and Neptune's "faux pas" of standing on the table with their shoes on in order to fluster them to aid her escape. [Episode 184]

Her voice is provided by seiyū Kikuko Inoue. In the musicals, she is played by Anri Oonuki.Clear

ailor Lead Crow

nihongo|Sailor Lead Crow|セーラー・レッド・クロウ|Sērā Reddo Kurou is the third of the Sailor Animamates to appear. Her human pseudonym in the anime is nihongo|Akane Karasuma|烏丸 あかね|Karasuma Akane, which is taken from the words for a certain shade of red (pronounced the same as "lead" in Japanese) and for "crow". The Tokyopop manga translated her name as Red Crow.Despite having a bad temper, she is very intelligent and is a skilled fighter, often attacking her enemies with a whip. In episode 193, she manages to defeat Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Mercury in battle. She had beaten them with her whip. She was the only animamate to engage the senshi in combat.

In the manga, Lead Crow first appears in Act 45 at Rei Hino's temple to confront her fellow Coronians, Phobos and Deimos — who are actually the guardians of the Princess of Mars, Rei Hino. Using "Galactica Tornado", she succeeds in stealing their starseeds before Sailor Moon destroys her with her "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss" attack. After her defeat, Galaxia appears and steals the Sailor Crystals of Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars. It is revealed that Sailor Lead Crow also killed the Sailor Senshi of her home planet, Sailor Coronis. According to the Materials Collection, besides using "Galactica Tornado", Lead Crow can also manipulate rot, and is known for being a sadist.

In the anime, Lead Crow appears in Episode 182 as a partner of Aluminum Seiren. She is said to be the leader of the Animamates, and calls her partner her "greatest rival"; however, she harbors great concern for her fellow Animamate, and when Aluminum Seiren is killed, tries to carry on the same work. Seiren's death seems to haunt her, and she thinks about her fallen comrade often. She dislikes Tin Nyanko, but partners with her for a time, which leads to her being killed by her own trap when Tin Nyanko sabotages it. As she dies, She cries out for Sailor Aluminum Seiren.

Sailor Lead Crow appeared in a few of the musicals, including "Starlights - Ryuusei Densetsu" and its revision. Like the rest of the Animamates, she poses as a member of a dancing troupe known as the Dancing Animamates. She acts as choreographer for the group, an inside joke, as her actress also doubled as a choreographer for the musicals themselves.Fact|date=November 2007

In the anime, Sailor Lead Crow is voiced by Chiharu Suzuka. In the musicals, she is played by Ado Endoh.

ailor Tin Nyanko

nihongo|Sailor Tin Nyanko|セーラー・ティン・にゃんこ|Sērā Tin Nyanko is the fourth of the Sailor Animamates to appear. Her human pseudonym in the anime is Nyanko Suzu, which is drawn from her Senshi name and from "suzu", the Japanese word for both "tin" and "bell." "Nyanko" is a colloquial term for a cat, drawn from "nyan" (the Japanese equivalent of "meow"). Her pseudonym in the English manga is Kitty Bell.She has a cold personality, willing to kill anyone who is in her way.

In the manga, Tin Nyanko appears in Act 45 as a new transfer student from Libya. As did Lead Crow, she confronts people from her home planet, Mau—in this case, Luna and Artemis. Diana arrives and tries to protect them, but Tin Nyanko's "Galactica Puppet" attack transforms all three into their humanoid selves, then injures the crescent moon markings on their foreheads and turns them into ordinary and badly hurt cats. Sailor Star Fighter attacks her, and although she escapes unharmed, she is killed by Galaxia. It is revealed that Sailor Tin Nyanko killed Sailor Mau, the Senshi of her home planet. According to the Materials Collection, Tin Nyanko also has the ability to manipulate scents and supposedly has nine lives.

In the anime, Tin Nyanko appears in Episode 188 as a rival to Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Aluminum Seiren. She is partly responsible for both their deaths, and in the process learns Sailor Moon's identity. During their confrontation, Sailor Moon attempts to heal her, and succeeds only in knocking off one of her bracelets. This allows Nyanko's true personality to partially assert itself; however, she is torn between her duty to kill the Sailor Senshi and a new urge to rebel against her master. Symbolically, it also turns half of her uniform white. Sailor Galaxia resolves the situation in Episode 195 by removing the remaining bracelet. When Tin Nyanko dies, she leaves behind a small golden bell that had been part of her uniform.

In the Sailor Stars musical and its revision, Sailor Tin Nyanko was one Galaxia's henchmen sent to earth to destroy the Sailor Senshi. She participated in Juuban High School's musical festival alongside the other Animamates. She was able to assist in the group attack "Galactica Twister" alongside Pewter Fox and Titanium Kerokko.

In the anime, she was voiced by Ikue Ōtani (who is most famous as the voice of Pikachu on Pokémon). She was played by Tomomi Seo and Toni Hosokawa in the musicals.

ailor Heavy Metal Papillon

nihongo|Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon|セーラー・ヘビーメタル・パ ピヨン|Sērā Hebīmetaru Papiyon is the fifth and last of the Sailor Animamates to appear. Her name incorporates the French word for "butterfly", pronounced as in French "papiyon"; in Japanese culture, butterflies are often considered to be symbolic of the soul. In the "Materials Collection" artbook, the word "Heavy" is omitted from her name. She only shows up in Act 49 of the manga, and not the anime.

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon comes from the planet Cocoon . If her history is consistent with those of the other Animamates, this suggests that she killed Sailor Cocoon to gain Galaxia's favor. The "Materials Collection" also states that Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon manipulates fire, and attacks with "Galactica Scales," although this attack is not named in the manga. Furthermore, she is described as a parent as well as a samba dancer, and has "high sex appeal."

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon is the "de facto" leader of the Animamates, but appears only in act 49 of the manga and does not appear in the anime. Known as the "soul hunter," she guards a graveyard in the center of the galaxy, surrounded by butterflies. These butterflies are the remnants of the dead Sailor Senshi whose Sailor Crystals had been taken.

She shows Eternal Sailor Moon, Sailor Kakyuu, and Chibichibi the graves that had been dug for them, binds them with vines, and prepares to burn them to death. The three are saved by the arrival of Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor Quartet, who break the vines with their group attack, "Pink Ladies' Freezing Kiss". The Sailor Quartet later destroy Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon with their group attack, "Amazoness Jungle Arrow".

She also appears in the musicals, portrayed by Keiko Endoh.

Sailor Pewter Fox

Sailor Pewter Fox is the leader of the Animamates in the "Sailor Stars" musical, replacing both Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon and Sailor Lead Crow. [The credits for the DVD release of the musical list "Animamates Leader" next to Sailor Pewter Fox's name in the credits.] She does not appear in any other continuity. The allusion of a normally "red" animal in place of the "Red Crow" lends strength to this idea. While her animal namesake is red, she actually wears gray, likely in reference to the metal in her name. She also got many solos, indicating the character's high rank. She was sent to earth to destroy the Sailor Senshi. She participated in Juuban High School's musical festival alongside the other Animamates.

She attacks with "Galactica Mirage", and aids Tin Nyanko and Titanum Kerokko in "Galactica Twister". She also aided in "Sailor Galactica Attack".

Like all of the other Animamates, she wears golden braclets, implying that she no longer has a star seed. Little else is known about her, as she only ever appeared in this musical.

She has been played by two actresses, Rei Ku and Junko Iemura.

Sailor Titanium Kerokko

Sailor Titanium Kerokko appears in the two versions of the "Sailor Stars" musical, and in "Eien Densetsu", where she is called Sailor Mitis Kerokko. She does not appear in any other continuity.

Her name comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia for the noise that a frog makes. [ [ Sailor Titanium Kerokko ] ] Like the other Animamates, she wears golden bracelets, implying that she no longer has a star seed. Little else is revealed about her character.

She had no attack of her own, but instead aided Tin Nyanko and Pewter Fox in "Galactica Twister". She also aided in "Sailor Galactica Attack".

She has been played by two actresses, Haruko Yamaguchi and Megumi Wakamatsu.clear

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