George may refer to:
*George (given name)

In computing

*GEORGE (computer), early computer built in 1957 by Argonne National Laboratory
*GEORGE (operating system), a range of operating systems (George 1-4) for the ICT 1900 range of computers
*GEORGE, a programming language invented by Dr. Charles Leonard Hamblin for an Australian version of the DEUCE computer in 1958
*Where's George?, a website that tracks the circulation of American currency


*George's Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador
*George Street, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

;South Africa
*George, Western Cape

;United States
*George Air Force Base, a former U.S. Air Force base located in California
*George, Iowa
*George, Washington
*George County, Mississippi
*George West, Texas
*Lake George (New York)
*Lake George (town), New York
*Lake George (village), New York

*Lake George, New South Wales, Australia

In popular culture

*George (band), an Australian band
*"George of the Jungle", an animated TV program
*"George" (magazine), a magazine founded by John F. Kennedy, Jr
*"Curious George", a series of illustrated books Hans and Margaret Rey and a children's TV program on PBS Kids

In transit

*Autopilot, affectionately known as "George"
*George (bus service), a bus service in Falls Church, Virginia
*"George" (ship), an Australian sloop wrecked in 1806
*Kawanishi N1K-J, a Japanese fighter aircraft Allied codenamed "George"
*Society for the Prevention of Calling Sleeping Car Porters "George"

Other uses

*George (vacuum cleaner)
*Hurricane Georges (disambiguation)
*Tropical Storm George (disambiguation)

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