American Magazine

American Magazine

"The American Magazine" was a periodical publication founded in June 1906, stemming from failed publications purchased a few years earlier from publishing mogul Miriam Leslie. It operated between 1904 and August 1905 as "Leslie's Magazine"; then until May 1906 as the "American Illustrated Magazine"; then subsequently as "The American Magazine" until publication ceased in August 1956.

In June 1906, muckraking journalists Ray Stannard Baker, Lincoln Steffens and Ida M. Tarbell left "McClure's" to help create "American Magazine". Baker contributed articles using the pseudonym David Grayson. Under John S. Phillips, who served as editor until 1915, the monthly magazine departed somewhat from the muckraking style and focused on human interest stories, social issues and fiction. Initially published by his Phillips Publishing Company of Springfield, Ohio, it later was taken over by Crowell Publishing Company, which merged with Collier's. "The American Magazine" was published by Crowell-Collier until it folded in 1956.

With the changes in 1915, the periodical's editor was John M. Siddall (1915-23), and it expanded its market considerably by concentrating on female readership. The cover of the September 1917 issue announced: "This Magazine's Circulation Has Doubled in 20 Months." The September 1922 cover stated circulation had reached 1.8 million.

Merle Crowell served as editor of "American Magazine" from 1923 until 1929 when Sumner Blossom took over. Blossom, who had been editor of "Popular Science", was there for the last 27 years of the magazine's existence. Fictional serials and short stories were a popular feature, and the magazine published several winners of the O. Henry Awards. High-profile writers contributed articles on a variety of topics.

During his editorship, Blossom adopted the unusual policy of hiding the author's name on all works of fiction during the selection process, as a way to encourage new fiction writers. The magazine's staff only learned the author's identity once they accepted or rejected a manuscript.

"The American Magazine" ceased publishing in August 1956.

Notable contributors

*Sherwood Anderson
*Harry J. Anslinger
*J. Ogden Armour
*Irving Bacheller
*John Barrymore
*Neith Boyce
*Frances Hodgson Burnett
*Ellis Parker Butler
*Leslie Charteris
*Agatha Christie
*Eustace Cockrell
*Arthur Conan Doyle
*Jane Cowl
*Will Durant
*Amelia Earhart
*Edna Ferber
*Henry Ford
*Graham Greene
*Zane Grey
*Dashiell Hammett
*Clarence Budington Kelland
*Jack Lait
*Walter Lippmann
*William J. Locke
*Edison Marshall
*Helen Topping Miller
*John A. Moroso
*Honoré Willsie Morrow
*Kathleen Norris
*Vance Packard
*William Dudley Pelley
*General John J. Pershing
*Channing Pollock
*Olive Higgins Prouty
*Mary Roberts Rinehart
*Grantland Rice
*Franklin D. Roosevelt
*Upton Sinclair
*Rex Stout
*Booth Tarkington
*Frederick Winslow Taylor
*S. S. Van Dine
*H. G. Wells
*P. G. Wodehouse
*Harold Bell Wright

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