Iceberg (comics)

Iceberg (comics)


publisher=Amalgam Comics
debut=unknown (fake), "JLX Unleashed" #1 (June 1997, real)
creators=Christopher Priest
Oscar Jiminez
Hanibal Rodriguez
powers=Cold and ice manipulation, Thermal vision


Iceberg is a fictional character and Amalgam Comics superhero, whose true debut was in "JLX Unleashed" #1 (1997), though her Amalgam Universe debut has yet to be revealed, other than the fact that it was most likely in the first "JLX" series. Iceberg is a combination of Marvel Comics' Iceman and DC Comics' Ice.

Character overview

Iceberg's origins and background is still a mystery, though it is known that she joined the JLX sometime during its first series, "JLX". Like many of her fellow teammates, including Mister X, Apollo, Runaway, and Nightcreeper, Iceberg was captured and incarcerated in a holding cell specifically designed for metamutants like herself. This occurred during the Armageddon Agenda, when Will Magnus was given permission by the government to hunt mutants. When Wonder Woman assembled the new JLX to defeat Fin Fang Flame, Iceberg was a part of the new team, her powers greatly assisting in the battle against Fin Fang Flame. Unlike most JLX members, she has no known previous affiliation with the Judgment League Avengers.

Powers and abilities

In addition to being an above-average hand-to-hand combatant, Iceberg can, at will, project in various forms quantities of ice and snow through her hands just enough to down an opponent. She can create platforms of ice upon which she can skate.

Iceberg is able to lower her body temperature without causing harm to herself, reaching negative 105°F within a few tenths of a second. She is able to freeze any moisture in the air around her into unusually hard ice to form various projectiles and shields. She is also able to summon moisture from the air and create a flood. Iceberg is immune to sub-zero temperatures and has thermal vision: the ability to detect objects visually by how much heat the objects generate.

She is also able to transform her body into pure organic ice. In her ice-form, her strength and durability are enhanced.

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