Gojslav of Croatia

Gojslav of Croatia

Gojslav (died 1020), was a king of Croatia from 1000 and member of royal Trpimirović dynasty. He was the younger son of the former Croatian King Stjepan Držislav.

Revolt and reign

After Croatia's King Stjepan Držislav died in 997, his brother Svetoslav Suronja has become King of Croatia. Together with brother Krešimir III he has revolted against Svetoslav Suronja . Because Croatian king has been ally of Byzantine Empire during war with First Bulgarian Empire revolters has asked Bulgarian help. Answer on that demand has been Bulgarian invasion of 998 during which emperor Samuil has taken Croatian Dalmatia and great parts of Bosnia [Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja] . After end of military operations Bulgarian emperor has given this territory to Gojslav and Krešimir III. During last two years (999-1000) of Croatian civil war this two revolters have with Bulgarian help defeated Svetoslav Suronja which has gone to Venetia exile in year 1000. Answering that political change Venetian Doge Pietro II Orseolo has started military intervention in Dalmatia in which he will defeat Croatia.

Gojslav and Krešimir III have spent their reign attempting to restore rule over the Dalmatian cities that were now under Venetian control. This brought upon them a conflict with Croatia former protector, the Republic of Venice, in 1018. Peace was concluded upon the diplomatic intervention of Byzantine Emperor Basil II which has confirmed Gojslav and Krešimir III like Byzantine vassal kings of Croatia after defeat of First Bulgarian Empire.


In year 1020 Gojslav has been killed by Krešimir III . This act has created church outcry so pope has send Mainard like church representative for investigation of Gojslav death. Only after Krešimir III and 12 Croatian župan has taken oath that he has not killed his brother pope has returned royal power to Krešimir III [...audivit de Cressimiro Chroatorum principe quod dolo necari fecisset Goislavum fratrem suum misso apocrisario Mainardo...] . . This event has ulmost destroyed king power in Croatia.


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