Slavic and Slavonic are used interchangeably in English, with the former preferred in U.S. English, and the latter in UK English. The "Oxford English Dictionary" gives citations of "Slavonic" back to the mid-17th century, whereas it seems that "Slavic" only appeared in the 19th century. Derivatives can be made from both forms, e.g. "Slavism" vs. "Slavonism" and "Slavicize" vs. "Slavonize"; but note "Slavification" vs. "Slavonisation".

Slav, Slavic or Slavonic can refer to:

*Slavic peoples
**their languages, Slavic languages
**their mythology, Slavic mythology
**the Church Slavonic language, and its earliest form, the Old Church Slavonic language
*Slav, a former Israeli settlement in the Gaza Strip
* The Slav Defense, a chess opening

ee also

*Slavonia, a region in eastern Croatia

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