Cassidy ( _ga. Ó Caiside / Ó Casaide) is a common Irish surname and is sometimes used as a given name. The surname translates to 'descendent of Caiside'. The family were a sept of County Fermanagh. The Caiside's were originally a medical family, who were hereditary physicians to the Maguires. [ [] Irish Gen. Retrieved Sep. 13, 2007]

Cassidy may refer to the following:

Given name

*Cassidy (given name)


* Cassidy (rapper), American rapper
* Cassidy (musician), lead singer of Antigone Rising
* Cassidy Cruise, South African glamour model
* Bernard Matthew Cassidy, British soilier
* Bill Cassidy, American politician and physician
* Bob Cassidy, Mentalist, speaker and author
* Butch Cassidy, notorious "Wild West" criminal
* Cassidy O'Reilly, American wrestler
* Christopher Cassidy, American astronaut
* Claudia Cassidy, American critic
* David Cassidy, American musician, actor and erstwhile teen idol of 'Partridge Family' fame
* Donie Cassidy, Irish politician and businessman
* Ed Cassidy, American (?) drummer
* Elaine Cassidy, actress
* Eva Cassidy, American singer
* Harry Cassidy, Canadian academic and social reformer
* Jack Cassidy, Irish-American actor
* James Cassidy, several people
* Joanna Cassidy, American actress
* John Cassidy (baseball), American baseball player
* John Cassidy (journalist), business journalist and published author
* John Cassidy (magician), American magician
* John Cassidy (artist), Irish sculptor and painter
* Joseph "Joe" Cassidy, Scottish football player
* Michael Cassidy, Canadian politician
* Michael Cassidy (actor), American actor
* Natalie Cassidy, English soap actress
* Patrick Cassidy (composer), Irish composer
* Patrick Cassidy (actor), American actor
* Scott Cassidy, American baseball player
* Shaun Cassidy, American celebrity
* Stephen Cassidy, American labor leader
* Ted Cassidy, American actor
* William F. Cassidy, American military


*Cassidy, British Columbia, a settlement and airport in Canada


*Black Tom Cassidy, fictional character
*Hopalong Cassidy, fictional character
*Maggie Cassidy, the title of a novel by Jack Kerouac
*Proinsias Cassidy, fictional character (Irish vampire from Garth Ennis's graphic novel "Preacher").
*Cassidy's Ltd., a defunct Canadian company
*Cassidy, a role played by actor Sam Slovick in the television show, "Fame"
*, a character on "".
*Cassidy, fictional character from W.I.T.C.H


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