Parcel post

Parcel post

Parcel post is a service of a postal administration for sending parcels through the post. It is generally one of the less expensive ways to ship packages that are too heavy to be sent by regular letter post and is usually a slower method of transportation.

UPU Parcel Post Treaty

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) agreement of 1885, initially signed by 19 nations, established an international postal agreement for the orderly shipment of mailed packages and parcels from one country to another according to predetermined rates.

Great Britain and Commonwealth

In 1882 the British General Post Office (later Royal Mail) first initiated domestic, commonwealth, and foreign parcel post services. [Jones, Chester Lloyd, "The Parcel Post in Foreign Countries", The Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 22, No. 6 (June, 1914), pp. 509-525] Australia and the other separate postal services of the colonies joined the UPU in 1891. []

United States

In the USA, Parcel Post is a United States Postal Service(USPS) method of shipping parcels of books, merchandise, and other bulk goods; items can weigh up to 70 pounds.

International parcel post service between the USA and foreign countries commenced in 1887. [New York Times, "The Parcel Post System", April 24, 1887] That same year, the U.S. Post Office (predecessor of the USPS) and the Post-Master General of Canada established parcel post service between the two nations. [New York Times, "The Parcel Post System", April 24, 1887] A bilateral parcel post treaty between the independent (at the time) Kingdom of Hawaii and the USA was signed on December 19, 1888 and put into effect early in 1889. ["Post Office In Paradise, Mail Rates During the UPU Period"] Parcel post service between the USA and other countries grew with the signing of successive postal conventions and treaties. While the Post Office agreed to deliver parcels sent into the country, it did not institute a domestic parcel post service for another 25 years. ["Parcel Post: Delivery of Dreams"]

Domestic parcel post service within the USA was finally inaugurated by Postmaster General Frank H. Hitchcock on January 1, 1913 under the administration of President William Howard Taft. The advent of parcel post service greatly increased mail volume, and stimulated development of nationwide trade and commerce. ["Parcel Post: Delivery of Dreams"]

As of May 2007, international Parcel Post service, both surface and airmail, was discontinued by the USPS. In its place the USPS instituted several new international delivery classifications, including Priority Mail International, Priority Mail International Flat-Rate, and Express Mail International.

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