Night Watch

Night Watch

A Night Watch is a lookout, guard or patrol at night, in a nautical, military or police context; see Watchman (law enforcement).

Night Watch or Nightwatch as a proper name may refer to:







Computer games

  • Night Watch, a 2005 video game based on Lukyanenko's novels and the 2004 film

Fictional characters and groups


  • CBS News Nightwatch, an overnight news program that aired on CBS from 1982 to 1992 before being renamed Up to the Minute
  • Nightwatch with Steve Scott, a UK television documentary series hosted by Steve Scott airing on ITV nightly from around midnight
  • NIGHTWATCH, a United States military call sign used to designate an airborne communications net intended to be activated in case of nuclear conflict
  • Boeing EC-135 Nightwatch, or later, Boeing E-4B Nightwatch, a United States presidential emergency command and control aircraft
  • Night Watch, the horse that won the 1918 Melbourne Cup
  • Nochnoy Dozor (group), pressure group in Estonia

See also

  • Night watchman

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