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Achim Müller

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Achim Müller (born February 14, 1938 in Detmold, Germany) is a German scientist (see categories). He is working now with his research group at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Bielefeld.

Academic career

Achim Müller studied chemistry and physics at the University of Göttingen and received there his PhD degree (1965) and the Habilitation (1967). In 1971 he became professor at the University of Dortmund, and since 1977 he is professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Bielefeld. His research involves the chemistry of transition metals in synthesis, spectroscopy, and theory with relation to nanochemistry in general, bioinorganic chemistry including biological nitrogen fixation, magnetochemistry, molecular physics and popularised science and natural philosophy. He has published, besides numerous original papers, more than 40 reviews and is coeditor of 14 books. Achim Müller is a member of some leading academies (e.g. Academia Europaea, [ Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina] ) and is recipient of numerous awards (honorary doctor degrees, -professorships and -memberships) and prizes (e.g. Alfred Stock Memorial Prize, 2000, Prix Gay-Lussac/Humboldt 2001, Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson Prize, 2001) as well as named lectureships (e.g. Centenary Lectureship Award of the Royal Society of Chemistry 2008/9).


His currently most compelling research relates to bottom-up pathways towards tailor-made porous nanoclusters and their use as versatile materials (systems that are now addressed in research worldwide), including:
*multi-supramolecular chemistry on sphere surfaces
*striking examples for a supramolecular/chemical Darwinism
*modelling cation and counter cation transport through membranes
*new solution states for inorganic ions through vesicle formation
*coordination chemistry at the surface, in the pores and in the cavity of the nanocapsules
*encapsulation chemistry in general
*versatile linking in different phases: films, monolayers, liquid crystals
*unprecedented molecular magnets.

Müller's discovery of the molecular giant spheres (keplerates) of the type Mo132 (diameter ca. 3 nm), of the wheel shaped cluster Mo154 and lemon shaped cluster Mo368 (as large as 6 nm) has caused a paradigm shift not only regarding sizes of molecules but also their worldwide use as nanomaterials. These single molecules are quite large; this can be shown by taking the length of an oxygen molecule with two atoms (length 0.12 nm) as a meter, then to place Mo368 which is 50 times as large. Müller's recent work demonstrates how cellular processes like ion-transport can be modeled in relation to spherical oxomolybdate capsules. All these clusters belong to a class commonly known as polyoxometalates and some special ones to the molybdenum blue family.


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He likes ancient Greek philosophy, classical music and mountain hiking. He has a love for woodland birds since his early childhood, a pastime which had been cherished by his father.


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* Quantum oscillations in a molecular magnet, S. Bertaina, S. Gambarelli, T. Mitra, B. Tsukerblat, A. Müller, B. Barbara, "Nature", 453, 203-206 (8 May 2008)

about him :

* From Scheele and Berzelius to Müller: polyoxometalates (POMs) revisited and the "missing link" between the bottom up and top down approaches, P. Gouzerh, M. Che, "l’actualité chimique " 2006, June Issue, No. 298, 9.
* Inorganic Molecular Capsules: From Structure to Function, L. Cronin, "Angew. Chem. Int. Ed." 2006, 45, 3576.
* Bringing inorganic chemistry to life, N. Hall, "Chem. Commun", 2003, 803.

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