Logic (disambiguation)

Logic (disambiguation)

Logic is the study of the principles and criteria of valid inference and demonstration.

Logic may also refer to:

In logic and mathematics

*A branch of logic:
**Inductive logic, also called induction or inductive reasoning
**Informal logic, the study of arguments as presented in ordinary language
**Deductive logic, also called natural deduction
*A branch of mathematics:
**Symbolic logic, the area of mathematics that studies the purely formal properties of strings of symbols
**Mathematical logic, a branch of mathematics that grew out of symbolic logic
*A specific logical system or family of such systems in mathematical logic, such as:
**Propositional logic, in which the formulae are built up from "atoms"
**Predicate logic, in which the formulae may contain predicates and variables that can be quantified over
**Higher-order logic, in which also "predicate variables" can be quantified over
**Classical logic, which embraces the principle of the excluded middle ("P" OR NOT "P")
**Intuitionistic logic, which rejects the principle of the excluded middle

In computer science

*Program logic, the use of mathematical logic for reasoning about computer programs

In computer technology

*Logic gate, an electronic device capable of combining and processing symbols in digital circuits
*Digital logic, a class of digital circuits characterized by the technology underlying its logic gates, such as:
**Diode logic, using diodes for realizing logic gates
**Resistor–transistor logic, using resistors in combination with transistors
**Diode–transistor logic, using diodes (and resistors) in combination with transistors
**Transistor–transistor logic, like diode–transistor logic but where the diodes have been replaced by more transistors

In software

*Logic Studio, a music production suite by Apple Inc.
**Logic Pro, a MIDI sequencer and Digital Audio Workstation application, part of Logic Studio
*Dolby Pro Logic, also known as Pro Logic, a surround sound processing technology

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