Gohyah tea

Gohyah tea

Tea_name = Gohyah tea
Tea_type = Herbal
Tea_color = Green
| Tea_origin = Brazil | Tea_names = Bitter Melon, Balsam pear, Momordica "chinensis"
Tea_quick = Traditional medicinal. Makes a green, earthy broth also used in soup.

Gohyah tea is an infusion made from dried slices of the bitter melon. It is sold as a medicinal tea, and a culinary vegetable.

A typical commercial package will make a claim similar to the following:

::"Gohyah Tea is good for bile, liver, dieuretic. Helpful to digestion; prevent from influenza, throat inflammation. Reduce cholesterol in the blood."

Gohyah is not listed in the Grieve's herbal database, the MPNA database at Michigan University or in the Phytochemical Database of the USDA - ARS - NGRL. Nevertheless it has been lauded the world over for its strong medicinal properties.Fact|date=February 2007

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* [http://www.rain-tree.com/bittermelon-tech.pdf Ethnomedical datasheet]

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