In-D was a Belgian New Beat project, composed of DJ's Marcos Salon and Marc Grouls. In-D recorded for Belgian uber-label, Antler-Subway in the late 1980's. In-D was best known for their sensual style of New Beat (as opposed to the overt sexuality of MSB/LOA projects) and the 12" "Virgin In-D Sky's" (SUBWAY 014) created a dancefloor sensation over 1987. In-D followed up "Virgin" with a harder dance track, "Bastion In-D Stress," (SUBWAY 028) near the end of the New Beat period. This track uses some dialogue samples from the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. "Bastion" helped usher in the new wave of "Hard Beat," as the New Beat style became heavier and more industrialized, as precursor to early techno house. Next release after "Bastion" was "Beat In-D dream" which was the last In-D record on Antler Subway.

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