It Was High Time to Escape

It Was High Time to Escape

Infobox Album |
Name = It Was High Time To Escape
Type = Album
Artist = 31Knots

Released = September 2, 2003
Recorded = August 2002- March 2003
Genre = Math rock
Length = ?
Label = 54-40 or Fight
Producer =
Reviews =
*Allmusic (4/5) [ link] |
Last album = "A Word Is Also a Picture of a Word"
This album = "It Was High Time To Escape"
Next album = "The Curse of the Longest Day"

"It Was High Time to Escape" is 31Knots' third album. It was released on September 2, 2003 by the 54-40 or Fight label.

Track listing

# A Half Life in Two Movements – 1:46
# Darling, I – 4:09
# The Gospel According to Efficiency – 4:15
# No Sound – 2:53
# We Still Have Legs – 5:52
# Without Wine – 3:46
# That Which Has No Name – 4:56
# At Peace – 4:08
# Played Out for Punchlines – 3:58
# Matters From Ashes – 4:17


* 31Knots - Main Performer
* Ian Pellicci - Engineer, Mixing
* Jarrod Dandrea - Assistant Engineer
* Jay Pellicci - Drums, Engineer, Mixing
* Jay Winebrenner - Bass, Guitar
* Joe Haege - Guitar, Mixing, Piano, Sampling, Vocals
* Joe Kelly - Drums, Vocals
* Shayla Hason - Photography
* Tom Carr - Mastering

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