Anwar is the English transliteration of two Arabic names commonly used in the Muslim World: the male given name "Anwar" (), meaning "luminous"; or the female given name "Anwār" (), meaning "a collection of lights." Both names may also be encountered as surnames. In Francophone countries, both names are usually transliterated as "Anouar".

People named Anwar include:
*Gabrielle Anwar, English actress
*Tariq Anwar, film editor and father of Gabrielle Anwar
*Tariq Anwar, Indian politician
*Taj Anwar, Black nationalist activist
*Joko Anwar, Indonesian film critic and writer
*Faraz Anwar, Pakistani guitarist
*Raja Anwar, Pakistani journalist, and minister,
*Saeed Anwar, former Pakistani cricketer
*Anwar Fazal, Malaysian environmental activist
*Anwar Hussain, Indian playback singer
*Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysian politician
*Anwar Knight, Canadian journalist
*Anwar Khan, former Pakistani cricketer
*Anwar Kharral, character in the British drama series "Skins"
*Anwar Maqsood, Pakistani television entertainer
*Anwar Pervez, Pakistan-born businessman
*Anwar Al Sadat, third President of Egypt.
*Anwar al-Awlaki
*Anouar Brahem
*Anouar Diba
*Anouar Hadouir
*"Anwar", a 2007 Hindi film

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*Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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