Edo o Kiru

Edo o Kiru

"Edo o Kiru" (江戸を斬る) was a popular "jidaigeki" on Japan's Tokyo Broadcasting System. During the decades from its September 24, 1973 premiere until the July 25, 1994 finale, 214 episodes aired. It lasted through eight series, with several casts and settings. It ran on Monday evenings in the 8:00 – 8:54 prime time slot, sponsored by National, and remains popular in reruns.

The first series featured popular actor Takewaki Muga, a co-star in the network's program "Ōoka Echizen", which alternated with "Edo o Kiru" in the same time slot. He played Hoshina Masayuki, half-brother of shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu, masquerading as Azusa Ukon in a good-over-evil drama set in Edo. Also on the cast was Matsuzaka Keiko, who continued in the next several versions of the show.

Versions two through six starred the popular actor/singer Saigo Teruhiko in the role of Toyama Kagemoto, or Tōyama no Kin-san, a samurai who lived among the commoners, to the point of having a huge "sakura" tattoo drawn on his shoulder, but later became chief administrator of Edo. In this version of the Kin-san story (which has been the subject of several other series), Kinshiro lived in the house of the woman who had been his nursemaid (played by Harukawa Masumi, later O-Sai of Abarenbo Shogun), the proprietor of a fish-dealer. O-Yuki (Keiko Matsuzaka), pretending to be her daughter, is actually a daughter of Tokugawa Nariaki, daimyo of the Mito domain, and eventually marries Kin-san. Wearing a purple cloth over her head and face, and wielding a sword in the Yagyū Shinkage-ryū manner, she works outside the law to bring justice to the wicked. At her right hand is an employee at the shop, Jirokichi (kabuki actor Matsuyama Eitaro, 1942–1991). The former Robin Hood-style thief Nezumi Kozō, he became an undercover agent for the Kin-san/O-Yuki team. Morishige Hisaya (1913– ) played Nariaki in special guest appearances.

Actress Judy Ongg assumed a supporting role as the female cop O-kyō in the fourth series.

A major cast change brought veteran "jidaigeki" actor Kōtarō Satomi to the lead role, again as Kin-san, for the seventh and eighth series.

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* [http://www.cal-net.co.jp/edo/ C.A.L (Creative Associates Limited) site] (producers)
* [http://yume3301.hp.infoseek.co.jp/edowokiru-index.htm Fan site for Saigo-Matsuzaka versions]

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