Volodymyr Malyk

Volodymyr Malyk

Volodymyr Malyk ( _uk. "Володимир Малик"; real name "Volodymyr Sychenko"; born February 21, 1921 in Kiev Oblast, Ukrainian SSR) is a Soviet/Ukrainian writer.

Particularly, he wrote the series of historical novels about the adventures of fictional Cossack hero "Arsen Zvenyhora", also portraying some notable figures and events of 17th century Ukraine, Russia, Ottoman Empire and other countries. Heavily influenced by Marxism and the official Soviet view of Muscovy-Ukraine relations, those novels may still pose an exciting popular reading on the topic. "Zvenyhora" is a sort of "17th century James Bond": a superman and polyglot, easily adapting to rapidly changing circumstances and ethno-cultural environments. The series include:

*"Посол Урус-Шайтана" (1968)
*"Фірман султана" (1969)
*"Чорний вершник" (1976)
*"Шовковий шнурок" (1977)

See also

*History of the Cossacks


* "Минуле з висоти сучасності" by "Г.Я.Сергієнко", a review to: "Малик В. Твори в 2-х томах. К.: Дніпро, 1986. - С.3-14" (The author cites Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Vissarion Belinsky to prove Malyk's loyalty and usefulness for Soviet ideology.)

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