ACS may refer to:

;Aviation and military
* Air Cess, cargo airline based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
* Auxiliary Crane Ship, a vessel of the United States Navy
* Aerial Common Sensor, a reconnaissance aircraft airframe for the United States Army and Navy
* Army Combat Shirt, flame-resistant shirt developed for the United States Army
* Attitude control system, a system of spacecrafts

* Actividades de Construcción y Servicios, S.A. (IBEX-35 stock symbol: ACS) Madrid, Spain
* Advanced Composites Solutions, engineering company specialized in composite materials technology
* Affiliated Computer Services (stock symbol: ACS), a business and technology outsourcing company
* Affiliated Construction Services provides integrated design, construction and operations solutions for complex facilities, systems and equipment
* Alaska Communications System, former name of AT&T Alascom, an American communications services company
* Alaska Communications Systems, an American communications services company, distinct from "AT&T Alascom"

* The Alternative Community School, now known as the Lehman Alternative Community School, a combined middle and high school which provides alternative education in Ithaca, New York, United States.
* American College of Sofia, a prestigious secondary school in Sofia, Bulgaria
* American Community School at Beirut, an international private school located in Beirut, Lebanon
* American Community School in Amman, an international school in Amman, Jordan
* ACS International Schools, a group of international schools in England
* Anglo-Chinese Schools, Singapore, a group of Methodist schools in Singapore
* Anglo-Chinese Schools, Malaysia, a group of Methodist schools in Malaysia
* Associated Colleges of the South, a group of leading liberal arts colleges in the United States
* Assumption College School, a catholic high school in Ontario, United States
* American Community Schools, an English-speaking private school system in Athens, Greece
* Avery Coonley School, a private elementary school in Illinois, United States

;Science, technology, and medicine
* Advanced Cataract Surgery, the modern method of cataract removal using phacoemulsification.
* Action Code Script, a scripting language used in video games such as HeXen and modern Doom ports
* Advanced Camera for Surveys, an instrument aboard the Hubble Space Telescope
* Acute coronary syndrome, a form of chest pain due to reduced oxygen supply to the heart muscle
* ACS-1 and ACS-360, supercomputers designed but never completed in the 1960s by the IBM "Advanced Computing Systems"
* Anticenter shell, a supershell located outside of the galaxy.
* Auto-Configuration Server, encompasses auto configuration for Customer-Premises equipment
* Automated Cartridge System, a storage and retrieval system, often used for library management
* Advanced Console Servers, a terminal server range from the Alabama based company, Avocent
* ALMA Common Software, a control framework for the Atacama Large Millimeter Array project
* Acetyl-CoA Synthetase
* Adaptive communication system, a message-passing protocol that can adapt to changes in load and traffic

;National societies
* American Cancer Society, an American medical organization
* American Chemical Society, an American professional association
* American Colonization Society, an organization that helped in founding Liberia, for use in the slave trade
* American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, an organization of lawyers and law students in the United States
* American Cryonics Society, non-profit corporation that supports and promotes research and education into cryonics
* Australian Cinematographers Society
* Australian Computer Society, an association for information and communications technology professionals

* Administration for Children's Services
* Association of Caribbean States
* Adam Carolla Show, American morning radio program
* Adventure Construction Set, a program used to construct Ultima-type videogames
* Alternative compensation system, a way to allow reproduction of digital copyrighted works while still paying the authors and copyright owners
* Australian Customs Service, the Australian Government agency responsible for the Australian border
* American Community Survey, a project of the United States Census Bureau
* "Antichrist Superstar", a 1996 rock album by Marilyn Manson
* Apolyton Civilization Site, a website for players of the Civilization series of computer games
* Association of Cricket Statisticians and Historians, an association founded England in 1973 to collect cricket data

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